I saw where it all started.

Women's CircleI saw where it all started. I saw, heard and felt what ours ancestors may have felt as well. A beautiful circle of women in feminine skirts and colorful clothes; a deep sense of respect and bonding; the energy of a sacred fire and the joy and laughter of children playing around.

The picture you see is in Kumarcaj, Guatemala. It is a special power place where you can access caves to connect with the energy of Mother Earth. It really feels like being in the womb again. I come back to this place every year for self reflection and renewal.

This time was special. As I approached the ceremonial center I saw this Circle of Women. I decided to wait until there finish so I could chat with the “Nana” – the grandmother leading the Circle.

“We meet every full moon around the fire to keep the memory alive”, she shared with me. “It is necessary to remember the essence of who we are. To ask for what we want, release what we don’t want and support each other. Specially in times of change or crisis, women can support with caring love and respect, and intuitive wisdom.”

The Nana revealed that their main task is to ask for all women in the world to remember who they are: “this is a collective memory”, she said.

So why do we, on this side of the world, live in the illusion of separation and competition? Why did we learned so well to compete with each other making us so scare of retrieving and using our true powers? Who is benefiting from this?

What if the Nana is right? What if we have remarkable powers and gifts that we are not using?

And it is not that they don’t have people living in their heads and egos that create competition, separation and confrontation. Of course they have. The difference is how these women react to those situations. Their integrity, their compassion and their ability of keeping a higher perspective of things are really impressive.

On my way back to Switzerland, contemplating behaviors, faces and interaction of people in the airports it was clear to me that our main job still is to be able to tap into our essence and define in our own terms what it means to be a woman.

Do you know who you are? Do you know who you want to be? Do you accept it and live fully aligned with the highest vision of yourself?

It was also clear to me that this needs to be done together. Not in isolation. Together we are more powerful, more beautiful, more inspiring… and less hard on ourselves…