Know by feeling

Know by Feeling

Making career choices by following how you feel may sound like a crazy idea to the untrained woman.

To Her She who knows by feeling It is the logical way to go.

Know by Feeling.

When you feel inspired

in-spired in-spirit

that means guided.

When you are in a place and you know in your body this is what I want more off ! You are in your element.

Design your career, relationships and lifestyle following the path of less resistance: your feelings flow like a river.

Follow that path your path to happiness and fulfilment.

The coaching session I just finished inspired me to write this. I absolutely LOVE to work with women committed, engaged and passionate about becoming the best version of themselves and turn their world and the world around them into a place of beauty, abundance and LOVE.


RobinWilliamsAs someone who lived in the illusion of separation for many years 

And struggled to give myself permission 

To express myself

To reach out for help when I needed 

To honour my feelings

To accept what is unique in me ….


I am reflecting on the news today

Since 6 AM this morning that I learned about his death

I am day dreaming of a world where depression is not necessary

Where every human being has the courage to recognise the light within

And the darkness

And honour both, being free to express, reach out, celebrate, go within …

Shall everyone of us be the best version of ourselves,

And Dare to Glow our light

Shall we remove criticism, judgment and 

the illusion of separation.

I dream of that world. Oh yes.

Deeply grateful for Robin William’s contribution

May his Soul find peace and light.