Feminine Abundance , Vitality & Love : Breast Glow !

I shot this video in Antigua de Guatemala. She is “the” fountain of the city, in it’s central park. She carefully holds her breasts, from where water pours out.

For ancient cultures, women’s breasts are a symbol of abundance, vitality & love. They also represent the capacity to penetrate the world : our partners, friends, family, and co-workers.

Do you penetrate the world with an open heart, fully glowing your feminine power ?
How generous are you, in the expression of who you really are ?

Abundance : Breasts represent the capacity to nourish ourselves and other human beings. Breasts use to be honoured and taken care of to produce the best milk for human beings in the first 3 years (yep ! at least 3 years) of life. During this period of 3 years, through contact with the breasts the child is cultivating the inner world with confidence, feeling supported emotionally and taken care of. In our “modern and developed” lives many women have lost touch and respect for this primordial and essential feminine gift. Mass media and corporations do not promote it neither. Yet science has proven the importance of breastfeeding for the mother, baby and whole society.

The way to cultivate abundant milk production is to massage the breasts, specially during pregnancy. There are specifics massage techniques, which are indeed sensual and powerful.

Vitality : Female’s breasts are terminals for many key organs in the body, such as the stomach, spleen, kidneys, liver and lungs among others. The nipples are sensitive “antenas” that have the capacity to sense the environment, “vibes” and other peoples’ emotions. Taking care of the breasts and paying kind attention help us to recirculate, transmute and expand the energy that is stored, stagnant or created in these powerful centers.

Practicing different feminine touch , it is possible to activate different qualities of the energy of the breasts :

– warm loving touch with full palm: heart center | quality : love and joy
– firmly holding the breast tissue while circling shoulders : spleen | quality : opens & fairness
– light finger tip touching, barely touching the skin : lungs | quality : courage &  self-confidence
– gentle, kind and slow touching : kidneys | quality : gentleness & calmness
– firm, vigorous circles : liver | quality : kindness & generosity

Love : The breasts are considered the love center because they sit on either side of the heart. They are considered as the external representation of the heart’s energy (chi). The heart’s energy naturally flows from your heart center into the world. Women’s breasts have long been a symbol of divine feminine love and longevity.

Honouring our body, intuition and authentic beauty is challenging for us women living busy lives, in a society that praises the intellectual and where desire is almost a taboo word.

Even more challenging when we have disowned the goodness of our body and along our life we have developed an aggressive relationship with our body, either through food, addictions, neglect, obsessions, self judgment, comparison, etc

There is a path back home, back to wholeness, sacredness and beauty. It is the Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat, happening every year in a circle of incredibly inspiring women willing to return to the sacredness, sensuality and magic of the feminine body and soul.

LEARN MORE HERE and JOIN us to depend the practices, awaken and celebrate your birthright : your ECSTATIC WHOLENESS as a woman. 

With breast love,



Courageous conversations
It is about time!

To he honest, I am starting to miss our conversations here and on my blog.  As you know I took sabbatical time to slow down and notice what is it that want to grow in my life and business. I am not sure how much longer it will take me. And today, I am here showing up in your inbox to share with you one of the messages that came VERY CLEAR for me to share.

First, I feel like briefly sharing with you a bit of the context where this comes from.

I am first born in a family of 5, my parents and my two little sisters. The #1 memory I have from my childhood is a feeling of responsibility towards my sisters, as if somewhere I had received a mandate to be a “good example” for them. The #2 memory I have, is a subtle pressure of being a “good daughter” to my father ~ I so much wanted him to be proud of me ! The #3 memory I have, that marked my life forever, is the sensation that I need to “be quiet and tone myself down” not to disturb my mom, she was so busy and I didn’t want to be a source of stress to her !

Throughout my childhood, I grew up separated (both physically and emotionally) from my biological sisters; I suffered isolation thanks to comparing myself to my girlfriends; yet I was having lot of fun with the boys – you know, it felt so good to be “recognised” as a cool girl to be around with! …

Maybe you relate to any of them ?

Not only those memories shaped my visions and decisions through out the 40 years of my life. They also grew roots for a sense of separation – masked as a feeling of “being independent” and “smart and strong” : until these masks became so heavy and painful that in 2012 fell out of my face. 

Yet again, I had to answer few big life burning question : Why all that I have accomplished does not fulfil me ? Why do I feel so … alone ? 

At that point I knew : there is something more to life. But, what ?

That same year, I heard the “concept” of sisterhood. Indeed, I thought “oh well, another new-age bohemian-cool spiritual thing. How does that relate with the independent, dynamic & well behaved woman that I (think) I am ? “

I let my curiosity guide me and I opened the door to sisterhood (believe me this was so hard for me. It felt just so ridiculous!). BANG !!! My soul shifted – yet again. I started to find all the answers I was searching for. 


It seems to me that just about everyone is at least curious about, if not longing for, deeper meaning and connection. But we are so very well trained to live, love & lead behind protective masks we thought we would need in this life time.

Samiel , I have good news for you. It is safe to drop the masks. Very, very safe. It is also sweet, vulnerable, beautiful, courageous, liberating. AND it is the shortcut to the life you really, really want. To more contribution, more positive impact, connection and ultimately, happiness & love.

Are you curious to know more about how this is possible for you ? 

Would you like to join us in a courageous conversation ?


March 21st marks the first annual Global Sisterhood Day – a day that honors the connections between women. 

Sister Circles – 90 minute gatherings – will be happening all over the globe, and I’ll be hosting one of them !I would love for you to join me on March 21st.

You can sign-up to attend my circle here – it’s free !

PS : If you can’t be live on the call on Saturday 21st March, no worries, register anyway and you will receive the REPLAY right afterwards ! Sign-up for free here.

PSS : Invite other women to join us ! This will be a spectacular celebration that will shift our Soul paradigm forever !

With love,