What’s true anyway ?!

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There is one intelligence that is knowledge based. Our intellectual capacity to analyse and make logic conclusions. Foresee outcomes based on well estimated facts, pros-and-cons. This knowledge is rooted in the past. Finds the proof it needs in what it has been. This intelligence blocks creativity and innovation, if used alone, isolated from the other two levels of intelligence (thus destroying an inner experience of wholeness). This intelligence is purely based in what we are taught to believe is all we have.

The second intelligence is that of your heart. It is based at a Soul level. You know the answer. You know it by feeling – the somatic experience, the nervous system, the electric current in your body that transmits energy in motion (emotion) and becomes your feelings once decoded and understood. The access to this second intelligence is easy when we carve out time to be in silence and cultivate awareness : certainty, peace, generosity are the feelings that indicate we are tuning in to this intelligence.

This intelligence of your heart is the home to your Divine Imagination : you imagine, you create, a future vision of yourself and you take the decisions from that woman that you want to be – not for the woman you once where, or the woman you are today.

Divinity is moving you forward, when you allow it. It activates your potential. Awakens everything that you are as a woman.

The third level of intelligence is the deepest and the highest. This level of intelligence is Universal and is right in every cell of our body. It is the same intelligence that creates trees, wind and fire. It is the intelligence of spiritual awakening : remembering and experiencing a level of connectedness with everything that exists, existed and will be manifested that is superior to the other previous experiences. When this is fully activated, we will start knowing things with our whole body, without the need to learn them.

To develop this intelligence, is crucial that we start closing books, and cultivate space and practice for inner listening. Another great practice is guided visualisations to different sensations, organs and parts of the body to fully experience them and the visions they reveal to us.

For women, accessing this level of intelligence is crucial, since we carry the DNA that holds the information of humanity (read mitochondrial DNA) and are the only ones that passes this information to future generations. This is why I see (and ancients saw too) that women are the ones giving birth to a new paradigm, a new planet. Activating their Soul Visions and Universal Intelligence right in their bodies.

From this level of intelligence, our highest visions and deepest truth are revealed to us – thus taking decisions easily, transforming ourselves and our work as it is needed for our evolution and the evolution of everyone around us.

So, going back to what is true anyway ?! Nothing outside of you is true. Your own experience, your visions and what your heart is pulsating is your truth.

The feminine leader owns and embodies her Heart-based truth – with courage, generosity and certainty. Fuelled by LOVE. Lot’s of LOVE. Because is not about her. Is about everyone.

For this times or rapid change and evolution, we must activate all levels of intelligence. This is done by upgrading and expanding our sensational reality : allowing ourselves to feel again all the range of emotions and sensations in the body.

In this paradigm, Emotional Intelligence , even PNL and other methods are outdated, as they only work on an intellectual level and, in my view, secretly keep us trying to control and understand our senses. It is the same with feminine pills to control hormones and emotions. And many other mechanisms that our modern life is offering us.

We can now choose. We are free to choose who we want to be. Our body is simply an instrument through which our Soul expresses itself, and experiences herself so the better we get at “using it” and listening, our possibilities expand.


This 10 minutes practice helps you to carve out time for silence, inner listening and mind-heart-body connection through movement and intention.


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Why you need a clear VISION

As a Leader of the Future,
You need a clear VISION.
But not any vision.
Not even physical vision.

As a feminine leader, you feel you are part of something much bigger than you. And you are called to contribute to that picture. This is going to be your legacy.

Your female lineage is helping you to move forward. Somewhere within you you know you are not alone. But you can’t grasp their messages that help you to understand your purpose. Your WHY.

As a woman, you KNOW that leadership is LIFE GIVING.
As a Leader of the Future, you KNOW that you GET as much as you GIVE first.

As a Feminine Leader Initiated, you remember you are here to CONTRIBUTE that unique GIFT that only you can bring to EARTH.

Maybe you don’t know how to contribute.
What am I supposed to do ?

Maybe you already know. But where do I start ?

Or maybe you simply want to play a much bigger game. How do I expand ?

Whatever you are building your career as a leader, you are changing career or starting a new business – you really want it to be authentic, fulfilling and creative.

We are birthing a new way of being and doing. New values are required to create the new paradigm that can bring a better world. We don’t want concepts, philosophies or theories. We want to do it our way. We know it is time for embodiment and action.

It’s time to be real.

The challenge is, no one did this before us. We are the ones. We do this together.

We gather in the South of France, to bring our VISIONS as leaders to the Earth. For ourselves, our men, children and the planet.

If you want to be part of the new paradigm and BE a Feminine Leader Initiated, you need a CLEAR VISION.

In this new paradigm, there is no room for competition. We root our leadership in meaningful relationships. In sisterhood that defines our very essence as woman. We create and nourish relationships with other visionaries who are committed and engaged in embodying their highest visions.

When your higher vision becomes CLEAR, your AUTHENTIC leadership is born.

You want this. You know it is time. The world needs this.

Awaken as a LEADER. 

Join us in South of France.

We gather at a physical and soul level to birth our VISIONS into the world.

September 3-6 : Read the full invitation HERE

It is time. Let’s gather.


PS:  LISTEN a courageous and important conversation with Durga Holzhauser about women, leadership and the feminine rising birthing the new HERE.


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Living a Soul Directed Life
with Durga Holzhauser

Conversation with Durga Holzhauser

When you start to be in alignment with your Soul, listening to her guidance, your vision gets sharper and you instantly see and know things, places and people you want to be around with.

Our Soul resonance attracts to us that what serves us to evolve. Now the challenge is allowing to receive and be curious enough to explore what is all about.

I followed Durga Holzhauser for almost a year on Instagram, I knew there was some special connection between us. We had so many things in common, I felt at home.

After many digital exchanged, I contacted her to interview her – I wanted to have access to her insights and revolutionary reflections on living a Soul directed life, feminine leadership and changing the world.

This conversation will certainly inspire you, and help you remember  why are you here on Earth. This is an exclusive conversation for the participants of the Glowing Woman Journey, now you have a free access. Listen here. Get Inspired !

JOIN US : a Soul Gathering is happening in South of France.

Durga and I physically met and our visions collided. We agreed that TIME IS NOW for feminine leaders rise our powerful souls and begin our spiritual revolution. In the midst of these chaotic times we are ready to give birth to the new.

About Durga Holzhauser :

Durga is the author of Jesus The Book, the first volume of a book series, founder of Shakti Ma, a very successful spiritual center in Düsseldorf Germany, energy reader and author of  Nine Master schools of Feng Shui.

Her blog “The Female Grail” is the reflection of her feminine voice that inspires us to lead the future with an awakened heart.

Durga brings a New Vision about feminine leadership, business and spirituality, enlightening our path here on Earth.

Get inspired : www.thefemalegrail.com