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{ vlog } – Full Moon in Aquarius : Insights and Ritual

Hello and welcome this new blog-space at Dare to Glow.

Since I stopped the Moon Lodges in Geneva which I led for over 4 years, I feel I will keep sharing with you Moon insights via vlogs and emails.

I want to start sharing the new moon and full moon based on the Tzolkin Sacred Mayan Calendar that I personally follow for the past 5 years, bringing you practical and simple insights and rituals for you to tune in to this powerful moonthly cycle of evolution !

Thank you for being here,


{video} How to cultivate GLOW
– in less than 10 minutes a day

As a glowing woman, having feminine practices to BE present in our bodies and get our day as playful and productive as we want it to be is essential to our wellbeing and joy, here is what you could do.

I want to share with you one of my favourite practices for Sensual Awakening in the morning to activate my body and my intentions for the day.

It’s a 7 minutes practice, you can watch and download the video below :

»»» Ready to cultivate GLOW ? Join hundreds of women on the 9 day mini-course now and start bring your Body & Soul to life in less than 10 minutes a day !

See you there !

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow


One key insight to make your presence glowing and magnetic

“Your body doesn’t need to be fixed or healed.
Your body is magnificent the way it is now,
and it’s waiting for you to fall in LOVE with it.”


It was summer 2009 and I was dedicated to giving posture classes in central Geneva. Each summer I’d give Immersion weeks at lunch time for really busy professional women working in banks and international organisations. I remember Laura Cantini, a woman from US working at a well known bank in Geneva.

Laura wrote me in the evening after her work day : “What a lovely discovery of my own body! I really already feel the work of today – and that’s exactly what I wanted! And I felt effortlessly seen at work, even my husband in the evening asked me what I had done to look “radiant”! Thank you Samiel!”

That’s exactly what being aware of and living in your body does to your capacity to glow and magnetise situations, conversations, opportunities.

Imagine with me…

how much easier and graceful would be your capacity to connect, influence and lead if you could feel totally confident in your feminine body ?
how much time and money would you have available if you had practices to take care of your body, beauty and health ?
Mh… I’m curious to know what your vision of yourself is!

The upcoming weekend event on ”Fall in Love with your Body” is for women who want to take their feminine presence and wellbeing in all areas of their lives to the next level :

Professionally : Feminine leadership is available to yourself and others when is embodied, not just a concept. Radiating joy, kindness and authenticity opens doors and opportunities. Occupying your space with your presence commands gravitas and influence.

Personally : Living in partnership with your feminine body restores inner peace and helps you to embrace the many cycles a woman experience in her life.

Intimacy : Self Love and self acceptance opens the door to deeper connection and meaningful intimacy with yourself and others.

Spirituality : Your body is the vessel for your visions and dreams. It is the temple of your Soul. The altar for your rituals. You’ll experience reconnecting with it in a sacred sensual way.

Just as there is no separation between these areas, there is no separation between your physical, emotional, metal and spiritual body. It is time that we incorporate and integrate our practices in a w-holistic way to support our potential as women.

You are invited:


PS: Each day the sessions go from 10Am to 4.30 PM. You can join only Saturday 13 or both days of the weekend. Claim your place here.


Celebrating the beauty that you are in your Body & Soul,

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow