{ Poem } Waves of life

“On the surface
It may appear as if
Things, people, situations
Come and go
Into your life.
Just like the waves
Come and go to the beach.
But when you look deeper
You’ll realise the depth of the water
It’s always there.
Not coming, not going.
Always there, supporting,
Nourishing, containing everything.
The same way everything is here
Available for you.
What you create with it
Shapes the movement you experience.
But it never comes
Or goes.
It’s always here.
You can access it now.
Look deeper. Feel deeper.
From there you create the ripple effect
Of waves.”


Samiel Carolina


Become the person you want to be
with Daniel Hüsser

From the comfort of my sisters’ home in Barcelona I invited Daniel Hüsser to a courageous conversation : how is the journey of becoming the person you want to be from a man’s perspective ?  And why is that important for the dynamics between men and women ?

We jammed about men, women, spirituality, body work and, of course, transformation 🙂

Grab a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable, meet Daniel Hüsser and pay attention as he drops few gems on this conversation.


Daniel Hüsser is a life coach, mentor, workshop leader. Daniel’s vision is to help people realize how powerful and god-like they are and therefore to be able to live a life of their dreams and make a difference in the world. Connect with him here: danielhuesser.ch


It is time for me to leave

Glowing woman


I’ve been told I am too much.
Too colourful.
Too feminine.
Too strong, too emotional, too creative.
I’ve been told my presence is just too luminous.

Oh well. I can’t make myself less than what I am.

So I leave. I leave to find a more spacious place so I can serve. So I can glow. So I can be everything that I am and that I’m becoming.

And for you, dear one.

If you feel that way towards me.

What does it tell you about how you see and experience yourself ?

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