My biggest learning of 2016

Hey beautiful, For many, the end of 2016 sounds like “Thank you 2016, I’m glad you are finishing and hope not to see you again!” … Yes, for many, it has been a rough ride, a rollercoaster type of year. Is this you ? Maybe not. maybe you received a lot of good things. For all […]


{Courageous Conversation}
Do it your own way
with Susanna Nova


Hi beloved,

I’m one week in this amazing journey in Bali, where I stayed at the gorgeous Trinity Gardens.

Trinity Gardens is a mini-paradise on Earth, where simple, honest beauty soothes your Soul, inspires your Mind and invite your Body to relax and enjoy the magnificent land of Bali.

I didn’t hesitate a second to invite Susanna Nova to share her story in a Courageous Conversation, heart to heart, just as we like it.

Susanna is the creatrix of Trinity Gardens, and much, much more… We sat at her house overlooking the jungle with a glass of cold, cold tea to bring her amazing stories and messages to you.

I’m sure you’ll be inspired by her courage and beauty …

… to leave her academic studies and find her own way of doing art, business and a difference in the world,
… to leave Sweden with her daughters (and the amazing reason behind it!),
… to settle in Bali, find her way within locals and build up businesses in a playful and pleasurable way.

»»» Listen to our Courageous Conversation here.


PS: When I shared our conversation with my tribe, there where specific questions about how you manage the “money issue“  to take such a leap. Here are her answers :

1. How or who supported you financially in your trips ? 

The first big trip I did when I was 21 then well, just a small tiny bag and enough money to live a simple life exploring. I worked hard for an intense period before and saved up all the money for myself. No trustfunds or parents help.

On my move now, just 4 years ago I sold my home and all my things which funded a bit chunk of the transition time that I needed. I also continued working online while transitioning and then started building new business as the money started running out. 

2. Do you think about when you are old? Do you save money for old age in this life? 

For now, I am not saving money as all I make is reinvested in new projects… but I will start saving in a near future… but more than that, when I think of old age I feel more the investment is in community and deep relationships, a home to stay that is depth free, vegetable gardens, rich health so that I can always continue to work and love it the way I do until i die 🙂 

3. Did you have support from family and friends… and if you didn’t , how did you manage to go ahead without their support ? did you make new friends? new family?

I had support from most family and friends. Some were very scared through, and got very very angry and attacking. I had to focus on the support I did have and source the strength and courage more and more into myself and my intuition and power. I have made many new friends and “family”… people from all around the world, all ages and a lot in our Balinese community here.