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The Self-Actualized Woman – from the inside out

You are invited to look inside The Self-Actualized Woman Cycle.

This is a circle of women who come together once a week during one month, to be initiated to the #1 feminine principle that restores balance and the #4 Feminine Archetypes that bring creativity, empowerment and freedom.


Ambitious professional woman that feel they need a place to pause and cultivate authentic BEING, leaving the DOING, the EXTERNAL pressure and NOISE of a busy life .

The outcome is a practice that each woman creates and takes away to be implemented in every day professional and personal life.


I guide you to safety navigate the inner landscapes that reveal your essence and the answers to the questions you bring to each session.


The Circle and Life are the greatest teachers of all. You find your truth within. The group holds the space for transformation.


Using Body Mapping as the support of the journey, underused potential is revealed in a creative way. New possibilities are open. New directions are shown in a clear and empowering way .


Your vision elevates. Your awareness expand.


And you are change forever. Now your whole body knows what kind of woman you want to be. Every single cell of your body remember who she is. And your have a Circle of Women supporting you on your journey.

Now you know you are not alone.

Together, we Dare to Glow, inviting many, many women and men to do the same. Because life feels better when we infuse it with our full BEING.


The Self Actualized Woman Cycle takes place 3 times a year in Geneva: February, July and October. ♥♥♥ Take a look here

Pictures by Undine Groeger & Dare to Glow.