A journey that transforms your life

You are about to experience a transformational journey.

We are living in times when our Soul is calling us. We are realising that decisions and visions crafted from the mind only may take us to places we don’t really want to go. If you are still reading, it may be because you are hearing that call – whether you consciously know it or not. It is your intuition that tells you there is something more for you, and it is time to manifest that in your life. It is your intuition that brought you here, because now is your turn, Caro : time to believe in the beauty of your dreams and make a bigger impact in the world, finding balance while doing so…

From 2 to 17 of July, I will be guiding a group of women from around the world through the Glowing Woman Roadmap. The glowing woman is the woman that creates her life based on her soul wisdom and visions. This may be a whole new language and way of “self development” to you, and let me reassure you, it is the most sustainable transformation that you can ever experience. The answers you find on this journey are based on your Truth, your Heart and Soul. It is a radical  empowering experience, because you are claiming back your passions and dreams, without asking for permission or external validation.

In this Roadmap, we travel together through the three stages that bring Soulful Transformation :

First week : ELEVATE your VISION.

A journey through your Feminine Soul guided by the 4 different feminine archetypes that make you a glowing woman. We will activate your underuse potential and bring transformation to the parts of you that may be rigid or tense right now.


During this second week you are guided to grounding those visions in your body and mind, making them possible to be manifested in the outer world. High magic happens, when your inner and outer worlds collide, so be prepared !


In this last part of your journey you have access to a deeper purpose, creating room for your Soul to express and manifest what she wants to express here and now. For you and for those around you.

The Journey starts on THURSDAY 2 JULY.

Every Thursday from 2 to 16 of July you receive access to an online call of about one hour. You can also join afterwards a recorder version of it and have full access to the practice and guidance.

And know that the effects are profound and insights liberating, so there will be movement happening in your body, heart and mind.

You can access the journey by claiming your space here.

I am looking forward to this journey together.