I’m a New Earth Soul Alchemist. An evolutionary creatrix, author and speaker. 

I’m a glowing woman. 

I’m committed to carry and transmit my light into the world, by being and expressing all that I am, fulfilling the task I am born with : to assist in restoring the tapestry of humanity.

And you ? Who are you ? You are a Glowing human.

You know your transformation is part of the transformation we all go through at this epic time on Earth.

You are curious , open and ready to explore your potential, embrace your innate gifts , passions and make a difference with your life and work.

You are sensitive, committed and talented. Your presence exudes quiet confidence that illuminates those around you.

You live, love and create respecting your natural rythms. You know that clear boundaries come effortlessly when you fully occupy your space.

You know that feeling the ground underneath your feet and the guidance from your Soul are your superpowers for presence and connection.

You want to lead knowing that you’re doing the very best that you possibly can all the time for yourself , your family and the Earth.

A glowing human evokes peace and gives permission to others to live and express from that state of glowing wholeness.

A glowing human like you, moves through life knowing deep at the core, that life is already serving your dreams.

Everything that belongs to you is already granted.

I believe you are born with a unique glowing light, a magnificent gift for this world. You knew about the precious evolutionary time we are experiencing right now. 

I believe that …

  • each one of us is born with a unique gift, a unique medicine, that when is expressed, illuminates our world.
  • healing ourselves is a commitment we make so we can be the holders and carriers of that glowing light.
  • life is already serving us to fulfil our most important task : to give birth to ourselves.
  • we are the life givers to the New Humanity : we carry inside a powerful seed of creation that needs loving attention & devoted action to be manifested.
  • there is nothing to let go of. Our work is to compost the layers of illusion that create pain and suffering so we remember we are already whole.

I believe we create our life and our world not by big leaps, rather, by small conscious choices we make every single day. And there is so much freedom, beauty and responsibility in that.

I believe it is not by chance you are here. I’m curious, what brought you here?

Every single one of us can choose to be a glowing human.

As Glowing Humans, we choose to move past excuses, conditioning and personal stories to fully embody the most luminous light. We choose to feel all the feelings and live our life committed to make a difference.

In the new paradigm, our gift is born through the integration and expression of all that we are. We choose not to settle for a more convenient version of ourselves.

In the integration of the light and dark; the feminine and masculine; the above and below; the fire, water, air and earth; we experience in our deep inner core, our divine human nature. We remember we are ONE. We show up to life as that. 

That’s the walk I walk and the work I do :

I’m a Soul Alchemist, igniting your evolutionary creative sparkle, so you give birth to the full expression of yourself.



To the normal person reading this, my life path may appear random, even chaotic.

To the Glowing Human like us, it may feel like I’ve been on a quest to grasp purpose, meaning and contribution.

To me, it now looks a fascinating dance between what I understand is our Cosmic Soul and Human blueprints:

  • At 10 years old, I created 6 issues of Creativity and Magic magazines for the school girlfriends. The seed to work with the creative force of women was already present. We are born with our medicine.
  • I graduated with donors both in one of the best high school in Buenos Aires and in University. There was no doubt I was smart and dynamic, yet my driving force was external recognition and validation from my parents. – which i didn’t get. Healing our mother and father wound is at the core of reclaiming our wholeness and the life we are here to live.
  • I studied and taught as a Professor at the Industrial Design University. I learned how the manifestation process, from idea, dream and physical form happens. I know how products and consumer mindset are the culture that shaped us. Our evolution depends on our ability to shift from consumer to creator.
  • I lived and work in Latin America, South East Asia and Europe. This taught me the rich and varied experience of being human. I witnessed the universal longings of our Soul for connection and safety to be all that we are.
  • My experience as a professional model and later on my full recovery from anorexia, allowed me to feel and understand the deep conditioning around our body image, sexuality and expression of beauty. As glowing women, we not only heal our relationship to our body and sexuality. We express ourselves in an authentic, grounded way honouring the sacredness and power we hold within ourselves.
  • As a certified teacher and facilitator of many different healing practices I now have access to my own medicine : the energies and consciousness of the new paradigm that liberates us from dusty dogmas, disciplines and labels. The time of gurus is over. Now it’s time to activate our own medicine.

Your life is also a beautiful dance between your Cosmic Soul and Human blueprints. Through my work I guide you to fully see it, embrace it and dare to purposely  dance it.

To truth, love and the highest good of all.

Here’s what I’m working on :

Luminary Mentorship Program is my most comprehensive program for paradigm shifters, light workers and evolutionary entrepreneurs who want to access and share their medicine with the world. Is a 9 month intimate group programme to give birth to yourself in all your multidimensional glory . It runs once a year starting in November, by application only, and all the information is here.

Working 1 to 1 with humans who want to go deep and experience the real , sustainable transformation in all areas of life : The Soul Alchemy Journeys are for just very few a year as  6 month journeys.

The Shakti Medicine – Self Healing Program  based on the wisdom collected through the Shakti Medicine Card Deck.

Publishing in Spanish the Shakti Medicine Oracle Card and Book with Kolima Books, in Spain.

The best and most powerful rituals visualisations and meditations as well as home retreats created since 2009 are all now available on the Online Shop. Discover the collection to ignite your evolutionary sparkle and Soul here.


I know life has not been/nor will always be easy, soft and tender. This is Earth School, where we have chosen to come and learn about our greatness through our most difficult challenges so we can expand our capacity to love and create more beauty, serving something much bigger than ourselves.

In the New Earth, the Inner Alchemist in you awakens to end this kind of learning and becoming, so we can join forces and anchor the light, joy and love together.

We are made for these times !

Let your evolutionary sparkle of your Soul set you on Fire.

With Love and Gratitude,

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“Samiel captures the true essence of being a human and how to live true to yourself in this modern world.”

“Samiel Carolina. A woman standing erect with her beautiful bright eyes. One who learned to connect with her body, and continues today, to dance within the rhythm of life … sometimes water, other times wind or earth, but always fire. I have seen her rise and fall so many times that one cannot help but admire the Warrior living inside her.”

Adriana Rojas - Mayan Priestess



Samiel is a New Earth Soul Alchemist, born in Argentina, living globally for the past 15 years. Her work is based on a lifetime of studying and experiencing what it means to be a divine human, fully expressed, on Earth.

As a intuitive visionary as well as a speaker, writer and international retreat leader, since 2009 Samiel’s mission is to open safe and beautiful places for us to remember our creatrive power and key role each one of us play in the transformation of consciousness.

The alchemical journey you experience working with her is entirely informed by Nature’s Consciousness. After a massive life shift in 2016, Samiel started receiving the codes to set up the foundation of the New Humanity on Earth as she traveled the world connecting with different landscapes and elements.

Her work is consecrated to restore the tapestry of Humanity to create a world that is beautiful and feels safe for all to love, thrive and connect.

She’s trained and certified in different healing modalities. a passionate reader about everything quantum and committed to the ancient Mayan Traditional Path since 2010. She has been named “New Pan African Woman of Vision and Change” by the High Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin; and her inspiring personal journey has been featured in several books, magazines, podcasts and online journals such as Huffington Post.

Author of Shakti Medicine, published by Kolima Books in Spanish.

A curious fact about Samiel: she studied animal communication and became a cat whisperer. In her circles, she’s know to be the cosmic cat lady.

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