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Today I invited Mine Uran, who I met at the WIN conference in Oslo this year where we both spoke and facilitated workshops. Mine has an impressive professional career and an inspiring story of great courage in following the call to contribute.

“I felt like I had to do something if not me who else!!  It came to me all of a sudden as I have been preparing myself to this move all my life.” – Mine Uran

In this conversation she shares her defining moment when she “knew” she needed to make a change, her preparation and why she wishes she wouldn’t have wait so long to make the step…

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About Mine Uran :

Mine Uran is a globally recognized expert in protein. She is an industrial engineer with an MBA and has led teams at Unilever and DuPont (receiving the Marketing Award in 2008), and in 2013 was headhunted for the position of Head of Protein at Nestlé. When Mine was invited to the White House to discuss the future of sustainable protein, she decided we need to look at the sea to find the right solution. In 2016, Mine decided to leave Nestlé to concentrate specifically on the development of micro-algae, as she believes this will help solve the increasingly worrisome protein issue.

Having spent years reviewing all the sources of protein, from animal and plant, she has come to the conclusion that golden chlorella is the protein and wonder ingredient world have been waiting for.

About Alver : 

Alver Golden Chlorella S.A. is a new Swiss company that is addressing the growing demand for tasty low impact, high protein foods by developing a range of healthy, tasty and sustainable foods with the micro-algae Golden ChlorellaTM.

Alver Golden Chlorella’s  vision is to alleviate the widening protein and malnutrition crisis globally; they believe part of the problem can be solved with micro-algae.

Alver Golden Chlorella micro-algae has a number of health benefits due to it being high in protein (63%) and packed with micro- & macro nutrients. It is 100% natural.

Golden Chlorella is not only protein source it is a living cell, so it will give you what you need. Do you need detox or regulation of your digestion system or just healthy skin? Golden chlorella will give you what you need.

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