Authentic Feminine Power

At the core of the Self-Actualized Woman practice are the four archetypes that made us whole as women. The Maiden (or Virgin) is the archetype that bring us endless energy to conquer the world. Enthusiasm, vitality, self-confidence and a tremendous power of influence. She is our analytical and rational mind. She knows the power of our presence as women, using all the resources she has to get what she wants.

This archetype is the one that supports most go getters and high-achieving women : In all these years of coaching corporate women and independent professionals, the number one thing clients are asking for is a more authentic way of being a woman – or using the femininity – without being “vulgar” or “taken for granted”…

In the beginning this always amazed me, and honestly I couldn’t really understand at first: being myself a go getter, a designer, ex model and body awareness practitioner, the idea of femininity being a weakness or threatening was not in my circle of reality. Soon I started to study European women’s point of view so I could understand and help in a much more effective way. 

When I understood the reasons of this point of view, I was not really satisfied so I had to look  back in our evolution and into very ancient teachings – what today I call the Grandmothers. How they explain why women are so afraid and do not trust their own power rooted in their own femininity.

Our grandmothers say that women lost their power and confidence when they started to wear trousers and walked away from the fire. For them, skirts is much more than a garment. A skirt is the symbol of power, of connection, roots and strength. It is what makes woman unique AND different from men. When women started to wear trousers, they were hopping to get the same opportunities than men, the same rights … forgetting their most sacred duty : to be true to her essence. The patriarchal society was born, and with it we became all lost in an endless egoistic battle for power (to do what?), recognition (to become who?) leading at the end, to isolation and separation.

Yesterday at the Self-Actualized Woman Cycle , the session was dedicated to the Maiden archetype and her energies, believes and behavior through us. Once again, it was empowering and enriching for us all to explore her in each of us through the bodily experience of her energy, to receive her messages that answered important questions to each participant.

The main believe that we explored in the circle was around seduction & manipulation, as if they are both the main characteristic of femininity.  Both in my private practice and in my circles and workshops, I work with incredible women with incredible careers and achievements of all kind, longing for loving relationships, for having kids (before it was to late), for having more peace of mind, creativity, time for themselves, or enjoying a much more healthy lifestyle. When exploring their personal roots to the disempowering beliefs around femininity, we found them in their relationship to their father (authority, leadership), to being born to a family who wanted a boy, or being the first daughter to parents who divorced too early and she took care of her siblings -to name the main ones.

I invite you to explore for yourself the meaning you give to and memories associated with the following terms, that define the Maiden in you : 


The conclusions of the circle were that we can actually develop our Authentic Feminine Power when we shift from any superficial image of ourself, when we get rid of old labels and stereotypes, and we dare to define on our own terms what kind of dynamic woman we want to be.

The Self-Actualized Woman does not rule the world. She is the world herself. And she creates her reality as she walks her own and unique path.