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{ Courageous Conversation } Deeper power in the bedroom and the boardroom

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Sexual Healing, Sisterhood & Feminine Leadership : a hot conversation with Durga

Join us with burning talking about sexual healing and leadership, break-ups and embodying the feminine and the new level of sisterhood to birth the new paradigm with the gorgeous Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros.( www.samielcarolina.com) I love to create with her. Meet her 2nd time at our www.thesoulgathering.com were she teaches how. Get on it. It promises hot stuff.

Opslået af Durga Holzhauser på 18. april 2017

This is the recording of the Facebook live with my beloved sister Durga Holzhauser.

We sat down for a burning talking about sexual healing and leadership; break-ups and embodying the feminine; and the new level of sisterhood to birth the new paradigm.

This conversation is part of the Soul Gathering happening in the summer 2017 in the gorgeous La Lumiere, South of France.

You are invited to be part of this exclusive gathering, for change makers, forward thinkers and creatives.

»»» Learn more about the Soul Gathering and join here

With Love & Gratitude,