{ vlog } New Moon in Libra :: Create your next big chapter with laser sharp focus

This morning I want to the beach for a swim and video shooting for you! But… It took some time to find a powerful internet connection to upload it … so here we are ! Finally in your inbox !

We had a New Moon today about 2am Swiss time. We are dreaming ourselves into our new 12 years cycle : Starting today.

Can you feel that the energy lifted since the Equinox ? Can you feel you are now ready to move forward much lighter with all the releasing you’ve courageously done so far this year? Yeah!

Today we are invited to express gratitude and dream with eagle vision our future life, communities, families and businesses.

Imagine today you can access the power of the hunter with a blowgun , getting straight into his target. This means : don’t doubt any minute that if you can dream it, you can be and do it.

Use the energy of your inner child, enter a place of playful creation to do this. Don’t get trapped or overwhelmed analysing if your dreams are possible or even accurate. Your inner child is a magical child that knows and trusts. I dare to follow her.


Celebrating the magic in you,

Samiel Carolina

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{ vlog } – Full Moon in Aquarius : Insights and Ritual

Hello and welcome this new blog-space at Dare to Glow.

Since I stopped the Moon Lodges in Geneva which I led for over 4 years, I feel I will keep sharing with you Moon insights via vlogs and emails.

I want to start sharing the new moon and full moon based on the Tzolkin Sacred Mayan Calendar that I personally follow for the past 5 years, bringing you practical and simple insights and rituals for you to tune in to this powerful moonthly cycle of evolution !

Thank you for being here,


Ready to Receive

“She prepares herself to receive the new cycle.
She cultivates self knowledge.
Growing roots within.
So she is no are not influenced
by external factors, expectations
and other people’s agendas.

She had enough.
She doesn’t’ compromise
her Soul anymore.

She is ready to receive.
She soften up, she makes space.

She is ready to receive.

She roots herself in her vision.
She gets answers she
thought would never come.

When she is open to receive.

She moves closer
to her dreams.

She will feel them first.
She will know. She is guided.
She is not alone.

She is open to receive.”

IMAGINE : Who would you be if you have superpowers ?

One of the superpowers of being a woman is the capacity to RECEIVE. Yet, for many generations , we have been taught to do, to push, to hustle, to control, to achieve. Parts of our feminine essence have been frozen, static, dormant. Parts of our superpowers are yet to be activated.

Join us for the Soul Centred Resolution this Friday, and cultivate your superpower to RECEIVE your visions for 2016.

When you want clarity, creativity and courage, you need to TRUST the unfolding of your path : your intuition, your Soul guidance, the synchronicities and messages from your environment are right there for you to trust.

Join us for the Soul Centred Resolution this Friday and receive your visions for 2016 under this special NEW MOON. Walk 2016 in trust and beauty, sister. We walk together.


With love & gratitude,



A key practice for the Glowing Woman : FLOW

Relax, dear.


Remember that you have the wisdom

of the flowing water

within yourself.

Your inner compass.

Always transforming, adapting

even changing.

With ease and grace.




With Love,


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The Self-Actualized Woman – from the inside out

You are invited to look inside The Self-Actualized Woman Cycle.

This is a circle of women who come together once a week during one month, to be initiated to the #1 feminine principle that restores balance and the #4 Feminine Archetypes that bring creativity, empowerment and freedom.


Ambitious professional woman that feel they need a place to pause and cultivate authentic BEING, leaving the DOING, the EXTERNAL pressure and NOISE of a busy life .

The outcome is a practice that each woman creates and takes away to be implemented in every day professional and personal life.


I guide you to safety navigate the inner landscapes that reveal your essence and the answers to the questions you bring to each session.


The Circle and Life are the greatest teachers of all. You find your truth within. The group holds the space for transformation.


Using Body Mapping as the support of the journey, underused potential is revealed in a creative way. New possibilities are open. New directions are shown in a clear and empowering way .


Your vision elevates. Your awareness expand.


And you are change forever. Now your whole body knows what kind of woman you want to be. Every single cell of your body remember who she is. And your have a Circle of Women supporting you on your journey.

Now you know you are not alone.

Together, we Dare to Glow, inviting many, many women and men to do the same. Because life feels better when we infuse it with our full BEING.


The Self Actualized Woman Cycle takes place 3 times a year in Geneva: February, July and October. ♥♥♥ Take a look here

Pictures by Undine Groeger & Dare to Glow.