This is my first SOLO Courageous Conversation.

I felt this topic so current in the collective field right now. As Glowing Women advancing on our path and deepening the commitment to create a safe world to love, connect and thrive, I find myself working with the practice of FORGIVENESS in a deeper level both in my personal life, and in my private coaching sessions.

Whether  I am guiding  women into a new professional direction, new relationships or whole new wellbeing and self love state, forgiveness is a primordial practice that is not done only at the beginning, but almost as a daily practice. Yes! Daily !

In this video I’m sharing why the practice of forgiveness is what moves you forward FASTER, and how it helps you to find freedom from two major roadblocks on your path : guilt and resentment.

I also share one important shift in perspective, and how you can look at things and life differently. A game-changer way of showing up for yourself.

The Forgiveness Ritual that I mentioned on the video is here on my shop.

Celebrating the inner peace you know you deserve,

Samiel Carolina


“Forgiveness brings Freedom. Freedom brings forgiveness.”


“This forgiveness ritual has saved me through a very difficult period ! I’m recommending it to all my friends now. Thank you so much, Samiel.”