For years now I’ve been sharing the concept of “deepening your feminine leadership”.

I believe a truly empowered, free woman, full in her (inner/outer) leadership, is a woman who is fully present in her body.

When I launched my work 10 years ago, I was criticized here in Geneva by “traditional” coaches because I was “too much focused on the body”.

Over the years, slowly but surely there is a lot of research done around what we call today “embodiment”.  We have important tools and resources to accelerate transformation and growth by illuminating the potential that is stored in our body.

Becoming whole restoring the connection to our body is not only healing and empowering, but the only way I know to creating the most important thing a woman will ever create : herself.

I do believe that there is a huge amount of work to heal the painful split between the Soul and the Body.

As I went down and deeper on this path myself, to fully land my gifts in my own body, I discovered my CERVIX.

I discovered that my CERVIX needed attention in order for me to fully OPEN to my potential. This is how I discovered the incredible work Olivia Bryant is sharing for us all.

Did you know that science is still catching up with the mysteries, anatomy and biology of the cervix?

Olivia Bryant is a sexologist and founder of Self:Cervix, doing extraordinary work, research and teachings around the cervix, a forgotten area of feminine power.

Olivia and I sat down for a Courageous Conversation to explore how this area of our body allow us to speak clearly, create and receive.

How your power in the bedroom and the boardroom are linked.

Through your body.

In both the bedroom and the boardroom, you need to hold space for yourself. You need your voice, your boundaries and your full range of energy to transform and create with whatever is happening.

Let’s explore in detail.

Have you noticed how many times …

… you didn’t feel like making love, yet you went for it because if was easier than saying NO

… your partner cheated on you, you felt betrayed, but you forgave and stayed because it seemed easier that saying NO

– went to the gynaecologist and the speculum was introduced without asking you permission

– went for a mammography and your breasts were touched as if they were things, without asking for permission

– you played games to control your relationship by having sex or denying it

– you suppressed your emotions; they are all stored in your pelvic area and sexual organs and now you carry them as chronic lower back pain

or maybe …

– it was 6PM and your boss shows up with a new urgent task, you were exhausted and had other place to be, yet you accepted it because if was easier than saying NO

– your project partners made your idea theirs, you felt betrayed, but you forgave and stayed in silence instead of saying something

– arrived to your work day and they had already published your papers without asking you permission

– you play games to control your team by holding essential information from them

– you suppress your emotions, as they are all too much for your professional environment.

Any of the above sounds familiar to you?

Do you know a woman that could resonate with any of those statements?

I guess you do.

Women who have not done deep work on releasing pain and wounds, have their confidence, creativity and voice locked in.

All this power can be unleashed by working with the CERVIX. Olivia created an amazing  course around it : Self:Cervix.

I welcome you to this extremely fascinating and fun conversation, please grab a cup of tea, smoothie or latte and share in the comments below your thoughts and experience!

Olivia Bryant is a sexologist and founder of Self:Cervix, a global movement teaching women how to heal and awaken the powerful and pleasurable energy of the cervix.

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With love and gratitude,