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Don’t blame the planets

Did you notice ?

Mercury is retrograde.

Saturn is also retrograde.

Pluto, and Jupiter are also retrograde!

And oh so many are using the movements of the planets to push around things, put on hold choices to be made, feel the feelings than have been long suppressed… before the excuses where time, money, kids, work, activities… now we can blame the planets, as we have more information about them !

But here is the thing. 

What if this way of looking at the planetary movement is old ?

What if planets are direct or retrograde, as they always have been BTW, to serve you ?

Not for you to put your life on hold, rather to actively engage in creating the life you want to live ?

How would you enter the dance of the planets with a CREATRIX attitude ?

Once you awaken to your creatrix powers, you know that you are always, seating in the drivers seat of your life.

You are being served by the signs and directions. Yet there is one thing : to receive and discern, you must be present in your body. You must leave behind the mind, the concepts, the definitions that in the old paradigm were your excuse, your story, your circumstances.

Once you claim your creatrix powers, you are bigger than your circumstances. As you have always been. The difference is that now you know how to consciously access and use your power.

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with Love,