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Tending your Roots

October 2, 2017at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+0

- CHF77

Embrace your femininity healing the Father Wound.
Global Online Circle Session.

Do you feel …

… you want to take your feminine expression to a more authentic and powerful dimension?

… you have done so much healing to awaken to your femininity yet you can’t fully express “her” ?

… a sense of duty and commitment that is way to heavy and you don’t know how to lighten up ?

… uncomfortable in your body, and constantly comparing yourself to other women ?

I want you to know this in your heart : it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a forgotten link and is this :

On the journey of becoming the feminine sensual woman that we are, there is a threshold to cross : the father wound. This is necessary to be done from a place of love, deep understanding and compassion.

We have chosen our parents for this life time. We have signed a sacred contract, and subconsciously we want to stay loyal to it. The human need for family, tribe and belonging is fulfilled. But it can also be a burden to carry when we are on the path to authenticity, freedom and glow.

We’ll arrive to a crossroad where we must make a conscious choice : liberate ourselves and our lineage from what is painful so we can carry on with our biggest dreams with joy, love and freedom.

“Thank you, dear Samiel, for your gracious, insightful & beautiful vulnerability. Your presence and wisdom has allowed a process to start on a molecular level for which I felt I was waiting for a very long time. Thank you for providing a safe environment and guidance for this transformation to take place.” – Priska

Liberating your Father Lineage transforms the way you :

  • take control of the direction of your life,
  • stand for yourself, your values and truth,
  • make career choices,
  • Relate to men, and to authority (yours and others) in general.

Linage healing is one of the most powerful evolutionary “work” we can do. As we liberate ourselves, we liberate generations before and after us : both our ancestors and children benefit from Tending our Roots.

Now we can choose to evolve from a place of love and connection.

This  session is designed for women who want to consciously choose to evolve from a place of love, inner peace and freedom.

For women like you, moving in the direction she desires feeling happy and whole being fully herself. 


What you can expect to experience during this session : 

  • the return of unconditional love to your lineage
  • profound understanding of your purpose in your lineage and  in the circle of women
  • peace, the precious peace you are longing in your relationships 
  • a powerful ritual & ceremony for personal and collective liberation
  • deep joy and a new sense of health and wellbeing
  • connection and celebration with other women in precious sisterhood

What you need to “bring” :

  • offerings for your ancestors (food they liked, incense, candles, pictures). 
  • comfortable clothes to move freely
  • journal and paper + material to write and/or draw

Love note :

this session holds within a potent medicine for healing and transformation. Please make sure you will not be interrupted during the 3 hours, so you can be fully present for yourself and the circle of women gathering together.

Investment 77.- chf (70€)

Time 19h to 22h CET

Locate your time here

Place : ZOOM online meeting room (link will be sent upon registration)


October 2, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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