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September 10, 2018at 4:00 pm - September 16, 2018at 11:00 am UTC+0

Women Retreat Spain

In a world that praises the intellectual, claiming our body wisdom is an rEvolutionary act of power and love. Where numbness is prevalent, we develop our sensitivity, compassion and empathy to lead with joy.  

We reclaim the power of our infinite heart as glowing women of the future.

IMAGINE a week in Spain immersed in the …

… magic of ritual
… transformative power of gorgeous nature
depths of silence and wisdom of slowing down
… joy of being together in sisterhood
gentleness and warmth of the bonfire in nature
… sensuality of dance, nature and delicious food.

This week immersion is dedicated to women willing to remember the power and freedom of their infinite HEART, the ancestral wisdom of their BODY and the JOY of being alive.

»»» nurture the connection to yourself, others and the endless source of creativity within you;

»»» deepen your sense of wellbeing , practicing self healing techniques and honoring your natural rythms;

»»» unlearn rigid believes about what does it mean to be a woman, accessing your own resources of power, resilience and safety;

»»» grounding your feminine leadership through intuition, fearless generosity and open presence.

We are Glowing Women creating a brighter world for all.

We are Glowing Women from the future. We evolve beyond Old and New Age Goddesses Archetypes.

We claim our own, unique expression for this time. We come undone, un-matrixed.

We blend back into nature, so we re-emerge re-wilded in our own unique way.

“I feel more empowered with myself and relieved that I am walking a path true to me.  I don’t have to fit in, pretend, hide, compete, this is me, this is how I want to live and it feels amazing.” – Randeep, UK


Your Present 

Where are you today in your life ? Defining your starting point for creating your future with what you are and what you have today.

Your Past

Where have you been in the past ? Becoming aware of the choices you made that brought you here. Understanding the red thread and deeper meaning of your Soul’s path.

Your Future

Who do you want to be ? Who are you in your heart’s essence ? Reclaiming your Feminine Essence and becoming the Creatrix of your Universe. 

Your visions and dreams become clear. You are ready; oh so ready, to embody the Glowing Woman you are here to be.

We celebrate you, welcoming you home.


“Samiel’s workshops are powerful, beautiful and ultimately life-giving as you walk through the shadows of sorrow and come into the joy of light. Her sessions and wisdom helped me to embrace, transform and integrate my past to move into my future.”  – Karen, Switzerland


This is a good time to remember that nothing is set in stone or unchangeable. 

During this immersion week,  you’ll be invited to journey through all aspects of your life. You choose the focus of this immersion based on what is most important for you, right now. And that becomes your personal portal to JOY and DELIGHT.

Through this week, as you let go of the old “rules”, you focus to deliberately choose the JOY of being fully YOU again. Nature will be supporting us all the way through our week.


Note : This is an example of the daily container that will hold our journey. You and the group is the substance of each day so topics will vary. (* titles are examples of what sessions could be)

Sunrise Session {1h}

Sun~Womb~Heart Salutation

Gentle Morning Body Work : greater Joy & Aliveness

»» Breakfast Break

Morning Session {3h}

Forest Bath & Ritual 

Women’s Circle : Remembering the Feminine Soul’s Language*

»» Lunch & Long Break

Afternoon Session {3h}

Dance your Power* Session

Women’s Circle : Sensuality, Money & Feminine Leadership*

»» Dinner Break

Evening Session {1h}

Soul Talk (unscripted, unsensorred talks with Samiel)

Moon~Womb~Heart Salutation

Closing Alchemical Ritual

“Samiel Carolina is a glowing example of what she teaches. It is easy to connect to her in her messages which touch women of all ages.” -Bonnie Fatio, founder,  Age Esteem.



Monday 10 to Sunday 16 September 2018

Arrival : 4 PM on Monday. 

Departure : 11 AM on Sunday.


Sierra de Gredos, Spain. Nearest airport : Madrid (1h by car)


» 1 instalment of 1’107 € before 30 MAY 2018

» Normal price 1’444 €

3 instalments of 499 €

If paid via paypal, an aditional 4% is added due to transaction fees.


» Your place is booked with a 500€* deposit. The rest of your investment needs to be paid by 15 August 2018.


»» Claim your place by 30 April and save 406 € with the button below.



»» To secure your place with your deposit/full payment via bank transfer, please send us an email here.

»» Cancelations : if you sent us your deposit/full payment and you can’t come, your deposit will be 80% refunded if cancelled before 15 August 2018. After that date, there will be no refunds, thank you for your understanding and commitment.

»» For questions & support , please contact us via email


  • 6 nights in a gorgeous private house and your own private room
  • 3 delicious vegetarian* meals per day (*please mention special diet requirements upon registration)
  • all taxes
  • Glowing Woman Ceremony
  • Inner Feminine & Masculine Ceremony
  • Soul Alchemy Initiation
  • Glowing Woman gifts
  • all sessions and art material


  • To create a safe space where we come together to practice, respecting our own and each other needs .
  • We do not practice unsolicited “spiritual touch” or “liberation nakedness” if it doesn’t feel right.
  • No videotaping or photographs will be shared without previous consent.
  • All practices are informed by nature and Samiel’s medicine . No rituals that belong to indigenous traditions are shared without the blessings of their Elders.
  • Each one of us commit to take care of ourselves in all ways during the week : asking for help, taking time alone, resting, as needed.
  • Every conversation in circle with other women stays within the container of the retreat, guarded as sacred and personal.
  • Both extroverted and introverted, at all ages, expressions of the Glowing Woman are welcome, respected and needed.



TAXI from MADRID- BARAJAS AIRPORT : 200 € (4 places)

BUS from Madrid + TAXI FROM Aarenas de San Pedro : 10€ + 10€ : 20€

Detailed directions will be given to participants. We’ll help coordinate carsharing through a private facebook group for participants.


  • Comfortable clothes for hikes in the forest, body work, dancing and body mapping
  • Towels and swimming suit
  • Favourite outfit that represent your Joyful Essence
  • Favourite SONG to dance your Joyful Essence
  • White dress
  • At least one long skirt or dress

“We loose our glow, creativity and sensuality when we are disconnected from our desires, not taking care of ourselves and not leading our lives in a feminine way. The good news is that we can choose to live differently : we can choose to live as the glowing woman we really are.” – Samiel


I am busy those days, are you going to host this event again ?

Sincerely, I don’t know. I create events and retreats as I am guided to do. If you are reading these lines, is probably because you feel call to awaken the Glowing Woman in you. Lean in deeper into the call, if you are meant to be here, you will be. That’s for sure. And it’s up to you to organise the magic. If you really can’t, contact us to be notified of future events.

I can’t afford the price, is there a discount ?

Your relationship to money speaks about the relationship you have with yourself. What are your priorities ? Where is your money being invested and spent ? Are you, your health, life and dreams a priority ? If yes, you will find a way to sustain your desire to join us. This is my personal experience : every time I said yes to myself , I have found a way to have the money I needed. And I am the type or person committed to my Soul work that invest few thousands per year – not in massages, but in coaches, mentors and experiences that bring evolution, growth and fun to me. I totally believe that investing in ourselves is the best way to use our money – which is energy anyway – because what we have at a cellular level, no one can take it away. Because once our awareness has expanded, our wealth expands too. I invite you to invest in yourself through this program. Scholarships to this retreat are not available at the moment.

I want to do this but I’m afraid. How do I know if this is right for me?

Fear is often a good sign because it shows you’re on the edge of something really big and important for you! I invite you to ask yourself the question : Is the fear a genuine concern for your safety or is the fear signalling you’re about to actualise yourself in a big way ? It is completely normal to feel fear when you’re about to leave your comfort zone and explore the landscapes of your Soul.  In fact I expect it every time I’m on the edge of my evolutionary path. I believe fear and uncomfort are good signs : they are gatekeepers to your dreams and signs towards your courageous heart and visionary Soul. To alleviate the fear, seat with her : recognize the truth of what it is really about and decide what you want in your life. You’ll know this retreat is right for you if you feel the call in your heart!



“I learnt to better myself by looking inside, in my heart, my mind, my body, my spirituality.  We forget ourselves getting caught up in the modern way of life, competing, comparing, conforming and when you have that gut feeling that this isn’t for me, something is wrong, something needs to change, that very feeling is what turned my life around.  That feeling is what I have learnt to honour and trust.” – Randeep, UK

“Samiel Carolina to me is a super magnetic, inspiring, beautiful, strong, nature loving and sensitive female being who has a presence and aura that makes you want to know her secret…. there is so much wisdom in her about nature, goddesses, maya traditions, symbols, elegance, the spiritual world, the power of the feminine nature, how to be healthy within your body and soul and how to do magic so that other people are able to be more connected to themselves, more connected to nature and know exactly who they are.

Just her presence, even just her voice through the phone transmutes the parts that want to be healed in you. She takes your hand and leads you to the core of your inner self, your true essence and to everything that wants to be seen.  

THANK YOU, SAMIEL for being here and igniting the light that leads along my path !” – Maria, Germany

“Sisterhood is a lost asset . It is incubated and revisited by women facing each other naked in our truest self .  I have worked with Samiel , we created together and cried and laughed . I have had her as a sister. She feels me . She listens to me.  When she embodies and dances my body wakes up.  She never let me down.  To collaborate with her is loyal and royal.” – Durga Holzhauser, France



September 10, 2018at 4:00 pm UTC+0
September 16, 2018at 11:00 am UTC+0
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