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January 18, 2019 - January 22, 2019

- €72
Soul Centred Resolutions


2018 has been an extraordinary year of transformation and awakenings.
2019 is a year of creation.

We’ve been generously shown the areas of our being and life that are ready to shape-shift into more alignment with our Soul’s path. Our bodies and DNA changed. The energies available to us are ecstatic, light and clear. Our discernment has evolved to new levels : we are called to trust even more than ever our intuition, our senses and, of course, our dreams.

Perhaps you felt this process too.

This is a 5-day journey that brings you to a new dimension :

»» from healing to alchemy : you are not broken ! leap into new levels of health, vitality and clarity
»» from self awareness to self mastery : expanding and embodying consciousness
»» from passion and purpose to : purpose, play and pleasure (YES!!)
»» from visualising to visioning : subtle and essential differences to manifesting

If you would like to take time for You to integrate and settle all the turns of 2018, and start 2019 ready, clear and open to receive what is coming for you, the Soul Centred Resolutions practice is for you.

This 5-day alchemical journey is based on very ancient wisdom and spiritual alchemical practices from the future. During 5 days, you are guided to slow down, find clarity, integrating, composting and fertilise your consciousness and body for 2019.

2019 (and beyond) is a period of CREATION.

Let’s not waste the transformation that has been happening for us in 2018. We have moved into a new dimension, and through 2019 we move even further !

Let’s honor 2018 and all the “work” done, so it becomes a blessing that helps us rise to meet our future Self : the Self that is rooted in Soul’s vision, Heart’s wisdom and fully open to embody the frequencies for the New Earth.

The entire world is ready for your LIGHT. The time to GLOW is now.

Believe me, there is no better time than NOW to harness your personal power and RISE. The transformation has taken place.

Are you with me ? Welcome to the Soul Centred Resolutions.

From the comfort of your home, during 5 days, you get to work with me and a group of kindred Souls. Each day, via email, you receive a practice, and you are given full access to me on our secret fb group. You start and journey at your own pace. There is no right or wrong way of doing it.



Day 1 »» Revise : gather information to understand your Soul’s landscape. Ritual day 1.

Day 2 »» Integrate : cultivating clarity and inner peace. Ritual day 2.

Day 3 »» Accept : LIVE TRANSMISSION on the KEY step that transforms everything inside out. Group ritual.

Day 4 »» Create  : understanding new timelines and energies in the new Earth. Ritual day 4.

Day 5 »» Project : manifesting your new dimension. Ritual day 5.


Special transmission on mp3 recording, on the Activation of one of the three New Earth Archetypes : THE CREATOR.

“Just listened to the recording, wow wow wow, how much love is pouring through every one of your words…it is quite spectacular ..just like you…and HER…, you as HER, us as HER in the glory and the light of all that we are. What a privilege to be reflected back in the magic mirror of your heart, and to be alchemised into the luminous beings that we all are. What I know to be true is that our words and goodbyes will honour your medicine but will be so small in the face of the PURE LOVE that is going to continue to pour into every single cell of your being. I see a Master walking into the New Earth.” Delphine Fresia – Oracle of Delphine & Luminary Graduate


The journey is entirely online : we journey together from 18 until 22 January 2019. You can journey at your own pace too!

Each day, you receive via email a simple practice, transmission or New Earth initiation. If you can’t join those days, you can register and go through the journey at your own rhythm. Your Soul leads the way.

You will be invited to join a secret facebook group where you have direct access to Samiel and other participants. There is no obligation to be part of it. You can perfectly do the journey on your own, away from facebook.


To participate, contribute 72 €


“I went through hell this summer… a voice saying GO FOR IT and another one petrified, negative, destructive… thanks Mum… well it is about time I take responsibility of the voices influencing me !

Work less… work better… or even : work when I want! Go back to my NLP and coaching studies… Make life easier for myself!!!!

Trust my future husband… Respect my limits and myself… Respect my needs… my priorities… I am ready for a new life!” – Anne

“I have finally spoken to my director in view to give my resignation and change my life…  I have now the courage to do it because this is true to me and I know I want to change !   With all my admiration and gratitude for our journey….”  – Sylvie

Let’s get ready to release 2018, activate your purpose & glow your light in 2019.

“Samiel’s work is powerful, beautiful and ultimately life-giving as you walk through the shadows of sorrow and come into the joy of light. Samiel sessions and wisdom helped me  to embrace, transform and integrate my past to move into my future.” – Karen


Samiel is a New Earth Soul Alchemist, born in Argentina, living globally for the past 15 years. Her work is based on a lifetime of studying and experiencing what it means to be a divine human, fully expressed, on Earth.

As a intuitive visionary as well as a speaker, writer and international retreat leader, since 2009 Samiel’s mission is to open safe and beautiful places for us to remember our creatrive power and key role each one of us play in the transformation of consciousness.

The alchemical journey you experience working with her is entirely informed by Nature’s Consciousness. After a massive life shift in 2016, Samiel started receiving the codes to set up the foundation of the New Humanity on Earth as she traveled the world connecting with different landscapes and elements.

Her work is consecrated to restore the tapestry of Humanity to create a world that is beautiful and feels safe for all to love, thrive and connect.

She’s trained and certified in different healing modalities. a passionate reader about everything quantum and committed to the ancient Mayan Traditional Path since 2010. She has been named “New Pan African Woman of Vision and Change” by the High Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin; and her inspiring personal journey has been featured in several books, magazines, podcasts and online journals such as Huffington Post.

Author of Shakti Medicine, published by Kolima Books in Spanish.

A curious fact about Samiel: she studied animal communication and became a cat whisperer. In her circles, she’s know to be the cosmic cat lady.


Subscribe to Samiel’s channel so you can always stay up to date on her latest free videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX-wsl3GJHr3pDQltvqIvLg?sub_confirmation=1

Say hi to Samiel on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samielcarolina/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samielcarolina/


2019 is the year of CREATION.  CLAIM YOUR SEAT HERE.

Would you like to connect with me and make sure this is really for you ? Write to Samiel here :

Send us mail



“Your words are such a potent medicine Samiel. They resonate deeply in my Soul. Thank you.” – Sun Ya


January 18, 2019
January 22, 2019
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