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The Glowing Woman Temple Gathering – July

July 14, 2017at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+0

- CHF55

Deep Nourishment | Feminine Practices & Dance Ritual

In a world that demands endless attention from us women, often our wellbeing is highly compromised. We claim our birth right to nourish ourselves first, so we can show up and give from the overflow of energy, creativity and love.

In this evening we will learn and practice to embrace self-care in a holistic way, understanding what is it that you need to access and create a practice of wellbeing that easily integrates with your life, work and relationships.

Deep nourishment is an evening to heal, balance and restore. An evening to cultivate inner glow, radiance and joy.

Welcome you to the Glowing Woman Temple.

I’m honoured to open the gates for you, beloved sister.

The Glowing Woman Temple is dedicated to women ready to go beyond concepts, definitions and rigid disciplines or methods. Do you feel the call too, sister?

It is a sacred, safe and warm space for women who want to cultivate, in a true feminine way, spaciousness, intuition, vision, depth, authenticity, abundance, manifesting power, exquisite self care and connection.

The Temple is a mini sacred paradise for you to create a clear vision of your path, and understand how it shape-shifts as you walk it.

It’s place to fall into being and remember that if you listen very carefully, you can access with clarity what the entire universe is communicating to you. 

The Temple can only be understood by experience. Just like life itself. Just like your Soul is calling you to do.

The Temple cannot be confined to concepts or definitions. And it warns you, if you try to do so, you cannot access its potential.

The Temple is the purest reflection of the magic of the feminine. Just like you, she cannot be tamed, defined or contained.

The Temple is always expanding and evolving. So are you. 

“I wanted to thank you Samiel, for the beautiful spaces that you open, so that women can be what we are without masks; so we can dare to be who we are in our core, not the character in the movie that we are told to play or that want to believe we are to impress or look good.

The experience of sisterhood blew my mind and opened my heart… Uauuu, am still in process… Lately I was sleeping badly, going through huge emotional cleansing… and last night I slept like a baby. Since I started with the circles and temples, I feel much more calm !” – Michelle

“An amazing opportunity to discover myself as women in a so soft and safe space that the limits disappear. An incredible experience fully supported by the sisterhood allowing a deep connection. So much happiness!.” – Magali

Time: 19h to 22h ~ Doors open at 19h sharp. Closing at 19h15.

Sacred Offering: 55 CHF, a red or white candle, red flowers or chocolates for celebration. For this special evening, wear a dress where you feel sensual, and easy to move. 

Cancellations: this is a commitment to yourself and your sisters. The practice of creating time for you IS the most powerful teaching of the Temple. Cancellations can only be made via email 48s in advance. Thank you for honouring the Temple.


July 14, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+0
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Shaanti Club
Geneva, Switzerland