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Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony of Cleansing & Protection

March 28, 2017at 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm UTC+0

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According to the ancestral traditions of our Mayan Elders, your body was perfectly designed by your own spirit in order for you to follow the path which marks your unique personal purpose. A way for you to connect to your own evolutionary path upon this plane of existence.

However, at times, there can be some external influences which affect us so immediately, our path begins to feel heavy and difficult.

These are dense energies we might barely be able to perceive, but bind themselves so powerfully to us, they begin to resemble chains.

These chains are far more dangerous then any physical bonds, simply in the fact that they cannot easily be seen; making it even more difficult for us to release them.

Many of our life’s complications arise from these dense energies.
Difficulties in relating to others, economic problems, diseases, problems finding a path in our life, constant confrontations with our loved ones, sexual imbalances, obsessions, vices, depression, feelings of vulnerability, these are all feelings generated from these chains attached to us.

But where do these chains come from?

They are simply low – vibration energies we have come across in polluted places we
have visited. They can also come into our being if they are “sent” to us, in a conscious or unconscious way, by those who are envious, jealous, angry, or any of those lower energy emotions.

These feelings/projections are like small darts which penetrate and hurt our aura.
Generating fissures of different sizes. Leaving little holes, growing easier for more of these denser energies to penetrate our being.

These dense energies have been accumulating though out our lifetime. Generating a type of low – vibrational armor that binds us, preventing us from moving or flowing in a more harmonious way.

Unfortunately in the Western world, we are not always aware of these influences. We walk through our life with out realizing the importance of cleansing these energies from our being. Without the knowledge of how to protect ourselves from these lower vibrations.

However, within the Ancestral Traditions, the importance of cleansing and protection is an absolute and permanent practice within everyday life.

A practice which is considered foremost necessary in order to walk free of any negative influences within our lives.

It is for this reason we have decided to hold a Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony of Cleansing and Protection.

This is a very powerful and sacred ritual. Opening the pathways, allowing us to connect with the divine and giving us the ability to walk free of any negative influences in your life. A space to release all of that which is not truly yours, into the sacred fire, allowing it to transmute through the sacred fire.
The wisdom of our ancestors becomes available to us within this beautiful opportunity.
Teachings us to walk free. Reminding us to walk in protection. Reminding us we are all connected.

Ritual performed by Mayan Priestess Adriana Rojas (see reference below).

For whom ? Women and men are invited. No previous shamanic experience is needed.

Where ? We will send you the details of the place once you confirm your participation. This ritual is performed outdoors.


Investment :
Advanced payment (see button below): 380 chf.-
Payment in cash on the day of the event : 430 chf.-

If you have questions about this powerful ritual, please contact us here.

Adriana “Tata” Rojas was born in Bogota Colombia where she studied Business Administration with an emphasis is finance. While she was living within that busy world of finance and economic power she became pregnant and with the birth of her daughter, her whole existence shifted in a very deep and profound way. She realized that what once seemed to be so very important, was really more of a nuance. It was the simple things in life which became more essential to her being. She quit her job as an executive and devoted herself to learn from the greatest teacher she could ever ask for, her daughter. Once she made this decision, gateways to a completely different world opened up for her. A world where teachings came unsought and her spirit began to find its way again.

Adriana is a female shaman who acquired her knowledge of the Mayan Path (which she began walking over 20 years ago). She has received teachings from the Eagle Clan Elders and Priests. With the Tzutuiles Grandparents and the Tzotz Clan (inter dimensional messengers). The Grandmothers of the different water sheds of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala have given her the task of bringing their ancient knowledge of Woman to the people of the Western World.

Adriana is currently an Aj’ki’j (Mayan Spiritual Guide), traditionalist and expert in the Cholk’ij (Sacred Mayan Calendar) and various healing techniques. She was initiated in the Amazonian tradition on an extraordinary journey of over 300 km on foot through the depths of the jungle.

It was on this journey where she discovered the strength which dwells within every being and our urgent need to reconnect with our Mother Earth. This made her one of the few woman to receive the title of “Green Road Warrior” by our Amazonian Grandparents.

In keeping with the energies of the new cycle, Adriana has been dedicating her time to sharing this ancestral knowledge from the grandparents in many different avenues. Giving lectures and workshops on the international level in various institutions and organizations which are supporting the transformation of humanity. Highlighting the importance of working with the different energies which coexist within our own being and throughout our environment.

Visit Adriana’s online presence


March 28, 2017
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm UTC+0
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