Finding Balance : ask your Archetypes

The number #1 question my clients bring to Dare To Glow is “How do I find balance in my life, when I feel pulled in so many directions ?”

After so many generations cultivating our intellectual knowledge and developing our mind powers, we have constructed a dismembered image of ourselves, and our lives. Hence, the pull.

The journey of the Glowing Woman , she who sets herself on a quest for balance, creativity and freedom, starts with the initiation and integration of the four feminine archetypes : The Wise Old Woman, The Maiden, The Mother and The Enchantress. There are two of them, who “work” intimately together creating balance, that are the ones calling you back home.

Yes. Home. Your own Body-Home.

The two archetypes that restore Balance are :

The Mother : 

This archetype is embodied when a woman is ovulating.

She is the one who nurtures, who creates harmony and enjoys emotional balance.

She restores balance inviting you to nurture yourself before others.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to release guilt and shame.

Observe in yourself : what are your believes (in form of excuses, stories, internal narratives) around the idea of taking time for yourself first ?

She invites you to connect with : selfless love and contribution.

Observe in yourself : how do you relate to these two aspects of her ? How do you practice selfless love to yourself and others ? How much do you feel you are contributing with your presence, work, words … ?

Her ways of helping you restore balance are body care, healthy eating (specially cooking it yourself), developing your creativity allowing your energies to flow and manifest into the world, spending time in nature (with no phones or headsets, please), and exercising developing physical strength.

“If your compassion does not include yourself – it is not complete.” – Buddha

The Wise Old Woman :

Opposite to the mother, this archetype is embodied when a woman is actually bleeding.  As polarities, they attract and work together towards the same goal : balance.

The Wise Old Woman, or the Shaman, Medicine Woman, invites you to find stillness to access a deeper place of knowing.

She invites you, every month, to release guilt and shame around your menstruation and around the need to slow down.

Observe in yourself : what are your beliefs around your menstruation (normally imprinted with your first period) ? and what does it mean to have the need to “slow down”? (are you less professional, not dynamic, not smart… and so on …

She invites you to connect with your truth to restore clarity and confidence. Now your empowerment as a glowing woman means that you are able to step in your truth, your intuition and vision and follow up with actions.

Observe in yourself : how do you experience clarity ? How much do you trust and follow your intuition?

As a wise woman, she knows that in order for you to connect with your truth, you need to reach stillness and practice inner listening.

Her ways to help you restore balance is by showing you the way home : to that body wisdom that will clearly show you what you need to remove and restore every month. She asks though body pain and discomfort, for quiet time for herself, as a precious luxury in our busy, busy lives.

“Cultivation of the intellect and its amazing potential is as important as reconnecting with the source. The problem lies in the belief that (intellectual knowledge and body wisdom) are antagonistic, that they can only be developed at the expense of the other; the belief that thinking and control take precedence over feeling and flowing, intelligence over intuition. Both need be nurtured equally and integrated for our coming into wholeness.” ~ The Sage explains to Maya, in The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab.

There is a price that women are paying for not being in touch with these archetypes.

Women feel disconnected : they are unable to establish meaningful relationships, or contribute to the word their gifts and creativity.

Attracting money and experiencing trust feels more like a struggle that something that comes naturally.

Women feel the need to control their bodies and emotions to perform in a consistent way thought the month, reaching a dead point of feeling “empty” despite all the achievements.

We left our home for too long. Many generations of women have lived as the disembodied feminine. And that way of being is imprinted in our DNA.

At this point of time, we are all invited to transmute these experiences, and reinvent the feminine archetypes as they are evolving with us all.

“As within. So without.”

Ultimately, balance is not found by reorganising the external aspects of our lives.

Sustainable, long lasting balance is created by exploring, understanding and integrating the inner landscapes. Your body knows. When your body makes you feel unbalanced, it is time to come back home. To re-member all part of yourself.

To recognise that you are not broken. That there is nothing to be fixed, or a new skill that you need to learn.

Mother yourself back to alignment, and you will find yourself safe and comfortable back home. When you make yourself a priority, balance is restored.

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Follow your Soul calling dear one, This is your life. Live it while you are alive !

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References :

The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab.