Samiel Carolina guides you through a 50′ practice to restore your sovereign presence in your body, relationships and life path. This practice is an extraordinary complement to yoni yoga, yoni eggs, or any previous womb/sexual healing. It can also be done without any previous experience in feminine practices.

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After years of practice with Samiel Carolina, I should be used to the amazing results I experience. Nevertheless, I keep on being surprised and transformed. Several weeks ago I practiced the sexual healing protocol that Samiel Carolina created.
At the beginning it was a soft and safe visualization that was amazingly connecting myself to my body. Step by step, it started to be a powerful encounter with my sexual me (body, energy and spirit).
I felt connected and more important liberated in a way I never experienced. My body and sexual connection which is usually tense was softening to become a radiant, glorious and luminous one. For the first time in my life I discovered that my sexuality could be incarnated in a gold light that was illuminating me instead of absorbing me.
And most important I felt a deep connection to my heart (I was having an old pain here that completely disappeared since that experience). Since I practiced, a lot of things changed in my life, in my relation to myself and also to men.
Indeed, I am now discovering a new me able to be free and playful with men, not manipulating them and without any power game. I am excited and curious to see all the beautiful gifts that will keep on flowing from that powerful healing. Many many thanks Samiel Carolina for the gorgeous practices.

With Love and Gratitude.



Samiel is a Soul Alchemist, born in Argentina, living globally for the past 15 years. Her work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine and masculine principles of creation. Her path is highly creative and dynamic just like herself : from design and marketing studies and international career, through body work techniques, fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative energy healing and spiritual South American Mayan tradition. She walks the Mayan path since 2011.
As a intuitive visionary as well as a speaker, writer and international retreat leader, Samiel’s mission is to open safe and beautiful places for women and men to remember their creatrive power, magic and key alchemical role in the transformation of consciousness. She is now pioneering the awakening movement through her Luminary Mentorship Program, purely based in Nature Consciousness and Soul Alchemy; and her Shakti Medicine Oracle Card and teachings, restoring the principles of conscious creation.