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Shakti Medicine

Hi I’m Samiel Carolina

I help you develop NEW EYES, so you walk into your Soul’s path with eagerness, confidence and excitement.

You won’t find spiritual fluff, magic formulas for healing or gimmicks to grab your attention here. I’m committed to showing you all aspects of life, the magic of your Soul, the wholeness and depth of your divine human essence and the reality of living a beautiful (at times crazy painful!) spiritual human life here on Earth.

If you are done with roles and lifestyles that do not suit your Soul, this is the place where you can drop them all. If you are ready to feel vibrantly alive, turned on in your career and business, deeply in love with yourself and your relationships and to be deeply supported by a global circle of glowing humans.

Welcome home. This is your time to glow.

How can I serve you ?

“Samiel Carolina. A woman standing erect with her beautiful bright eyes. One who learned to connect with her body, and continues today, to dance within the rhythm of life … sometimes water, other times wind or earth, but always fire. I have seen her rise and fall so many times that one cannot help but admire the Warrior living inside her.”

Adriana Rojas - Mayan Priestess
Blanca Vergara

“Samiel Carolina is a gentle, powerful guide and healer. I had the privilage to work with her in the framework of the International WIN Conference. At that moment I was in a cloud of confusion as I came to remember traumatic childhood events. That confussion was coupled with a strong conviction to bring my business to a higher level of service and contribution. In only one session I was able to get the clarity and the courage I so needed. All that was clear rationally before the session, became emotionally serenely solid.
One day later, I had the opportunity to enjoy her group session. This took my transformation to a higher level. That clarity, certainty and serenity got somatized. I could feel in every cell of my body the peace and the knowing that what I’m wanting is already so.
I’m incredibly grateful!”

Blanca Vergara

“I recommend Samiel’s programs and sessions to all women. I honestly can’t shout enough about it. I feel more empowered with myself and relieved that I am walking a path true to me. I don’t have to fit in, pretend, hide, compete, this is me, this is how I want to live and it feels amazing.”