How do you feel about Beauty ?

Some women ignored the topic of beauty thinking that is only vanity .

Others feel frustrated, as they think beauty is too expensive,  they are too old or too fat to bother about it .

Others feel overwhelmed, as they agenda keeps them very busy, away from a relaxing moment at a spa .

Let me tell you a story . I grew up in a beautiful apartment that my parents designed for our family of 5 : they are architects. I studied product design, where during 5 years I learned to research and design beautiful products so the consumer -you- would respond positively to them among other products. As if the designer could come up with a definition of what is considered beautiful by you!

I also learned what I call the beauty paradox : my years as a model, with my skin exposed to cameras and lights and in touch with gorgeous fabrics, make up and perfume, were the years where I felt the least beautiful. The imposed ideas and values about what is beautiful in a woman and what is not (and my immaturity) led me to anorexia. I suffered for a couple of years until I could finally understand that beauty comes from accepting all what we are, the body we have, at the moment in life we are in. Only once I accepted this, I could move on into making the most of it and learning new things to improve, enhance or change what I felt like changing.

It was one of my various life’s journey, where I learned that beauty is nothing superficial, it is basically deep emotional feeling, related to love and respect.

Love and respect for what we are, what we have, inside and outside us.
Love and respect for the people we encounter throughout life.
Love and respect for the opportunities that show up on our way.
Love and respect for every day we are alive.

Finally I have to accept that to me, feeling beauty and being surrounded with it is vital. To me, one day without beauty it is a wasted day. So I look into everything searching for what is beautiful within.

In my work with so many women, I encounter that many of them are trapped in this beauty paradox : is it really important or not ? Superficial ? A waste of time and money ?

At Bioty Loges we recently launched, I observed how much we all need to look into beauty to redefine it for each of us. The magic of these groups is that the reflection is done in a community, where secrets and practices are shared. The bonding that can be created with other women, with ourselves and with our image in the mirror it has no precedents : we totally forgot about how beauty makes us feel .

We forgot that you feel beautiful we don’t need to be superficial, we don’t need to be young and slim, we don’t need to ‘have time’ in our agenda. We also forgot that we should not give our power away to brands and products to make us feel beautiful.

We forgot that feeling beautiful empowers us.

I hope we start remembering to share our beauty, so we create beauty, and we receive beauty.

This is an evolutionary step, that will allow each of us to grow grounded and centred in our very essence, and in the beauty of it.

I really wish you can take a moment to reflect how do you feel about beauty. What do you need to feel the beauty. And how would your life be, if you face your day from a place of beauty.

Because when you feel the beauty within and allow it to reflect through you, every day of your life is magically beautiful.

Stay fabulous, and live with passion!

Carolina Rodriguez Barros
Founder, Director & Glowing Master

Dare to

‘Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.’
  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson