In a world where most of us feel unsafe to show up real, raw, vulnerable, excited and ecstatic, I believe sisterhood is the way to create a safe space. For women, men and children.

Unshakable sisterhood can construct safe spaces for self exploration, expression and celebration as we have never experienced before.

Again and again women share the longing of feeling safe, held so they can finally surrender, unhook, open.

Yet until we do not choose to stand in true sisterhood and dare to take a deep look into each other’s eyes, we’ll be playing games with ourselves and others.

The sisterhood wound is one of the biggest legacy of patriarchy that needs to be alchemised into connection. This is the biggest medicine we can offer as women.

The glowing woman temple is my offering to heal and alchemise our illusion of separation and need to compare into true sisterhood. For the benefit of all women, men and children.

We gather in Geneva once a month at a Glowing Woman Temple, to practice and experience how does it feel to be totally safe to be ourselves, all that we are.

You are invited to discover the Glowing Woman Temple here.


I wish all women to be blessed in connecting themselves so nicely with their deep nature. An amazing opportunity to discover myself as women in a so soft and safe space that the limits disappear. Since I joined the temples, I live in deep connection to nature, I am feeling safe and soft, radically feminine, and even some of my physical pain disappeared. After few months, I am still discovering everyday changes linked to this new way of being… Thank you!


Women walk away with knowing how to replicate this feeling and new way of being and doing in their families, work, and society at large.

Unshakable sisterhood is the medicine that can transform the tapestry of humanity, becoming a place where we feel safe to love, thrive and connect. As much as women are longing for a more authentic way of being, men too, are looking for places to feel safe to drop the masks, roles and expectations of a masculinity that doesn’t feel good.

Discover the Glowing Woman temple here in Geneva, or bring it to your city. Invite Samiel to create this transformative magic where you live.

Be the woman you want to be , for yourself, for others.

With love and gratitude,