It is known that full moons stir up the mental and emotional body of humans on Earth. And that eclipses help to uncover hidden patterns and unconscious behaviours so we can advance our life.

Maybe you didn’t know this ? It’s possible. There is one Universal Law that we tend to overlook, and is the Law of Correspondence, which says :

As above, so below.

Essentially, this means that as we are ALL living and breathing the same energetic soup and each one of us is a reflection of the cosmic landscape (those who had their astrological chart or Mayan sign reading know this), whatever movements are happening in the skies, will always affect our life. Just like the moon affects the water tides. It really is that simple.

What does this has to do with being gentle with yourself and others ?

Well, because we are entering a powerful eclipse season this August, and as you know I’m working with the depths of the subconscious and emotional body, I have something for you. 

Thanks to the mechanisms we have learned, developed and master in our lifetime, sometimes there is no more space for genuine feelings and expression of our Soul.

This eclipse season is a huge blessing for us to open up to our light, actualise ourselves, our relationships and life.

For this, my beloved sister, we need to remember how to be gentle with ourselves.

We must stop judging ourselves and what we are feeling, desiring, longing, doing, not doing. Giving ourselves permission to be present with all that we feel and express it, even if it’s messy. If our emotional states do not have outlets of expression, they block our potential, dim our light and create false personas. Our Soul never is fulfilled. For what our Soul is longing for is that we listen to her and we let her become fully alive.

During an eclipse season, there are no places to hide. You are going to be blessed with the opportunity to clearly see the ares of your life where you are ready to glow. 

For this, I suggest :

– slow down as much as possible. I’m serious about it ! Drop the addiction to doing and performance. Seat with yourself, listen, taken notes of your thoughts and emotions. Dance or play with your children or cat (I’ll definitely play with mine!) Ask yourself : what has been the main theme of the past two weeks ? What has been coming to you again and again ? 

– don’t take things personally. You are not in charge of other people’s emotions and reactions. Do not engage in gossiping or judgmental conversations. Stay in your power, clarity and integrity.

– stay away from the news. Seriously. Detox yourself from the news. They affect your emotional state more than you think and feel. Plus, astrologers are announcing big shifts in the political landscape of our Earth and they are advising us to distance (so we can focus in advancing our life) and cultivate discernment. Because we know, very little of what we see in the news is real.  

So beloved, expect and prepare for big changes. Be ready to ride the waves that are coming helping us all to up level our experience in this magnificent time on Earth. 

Make sure you are subscribed to the Full Moon online gathering this Monday 7 August. I’ll lead a powerful ritual, and give more details on what  is happening for us.

Open your eyes and heart. Stay present with what is happening for you. Celebrate yourself and the life you dreamed for this time.

Prepare to say yes! to the opportunities that will come to you.

With love and gratitude,