“In order to love yourself, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.”

–  Andrea Dykstra


I came to understand this concept deeply and completely last year, as I navigated the ugly betrayal that led to a (much needed) breakup… that in over 24 hs put my life, literally, up-side-down.

Here I was, yet again going through a massive initiation to a deeper, loving, wiser me.

What i didn’t know then is that in order to get to the gifts of the experience, I needed to do A LOT of inner reflection, huge amounts of forgiveness rituals and hours of dance to get my emotions flowing.

I knew, that if I didn’t do it, sooner of later I would get sick. Even worst, the pattern of betrayal would stay in my life.

Hell NO.

I prayed for help to stay open, trust women and love men again.

The help came. New information, practices and women doing groundbreaking work on health, healing and consciousness.

This practice took me deeper into my body, asking me to listening even deeper, opening my heart no-matter-what

To find out where I had betrayed myself, when did I overrode my intuition and signals that in fact, closer to the “event” had been … everywhere.

I found amazing gifts. One of them, is the much deeper wisdom of our womb : when it comes to betrayal and heart-brokeness, we need to look at our cervix.

Cervix ? Yes, the sacred gate between your womb and your vaginal canal.

The cervix is so mystical, that traditional medicine is still studying it (along with the anatomy of our clitoris). ( see the popular post on my fb wall about it   )

I learned is that emotions such as anxiety, impatience, hastiness and encounters that are not of an open-hearted nature, they are stored in our cervix.

When a woman experiences deep betrayal as I did, the womb tilts forward in the body, hiding the cervix as a way of protecting our heart from pain.

Our body intelligently adapts to our emotional state, sending us signals of how we can heal, open up to a new level of self-awareness, freedom and love if we choose to do the work.

By doing the work myself I also realised how much the notion of safety is important to heal, open, thrive and connect. And now this topic is being discussed in depth in all my sessions, courses and trainings. Until last year, I had no idea how unsafe I felt, and the roots of it.

One of the women I discovered is the amazing work of Olivia Bryant around the Cervix.

Olivia is a sexologist fully dedicated to our deepest mystical area through her business SelfCervix. I will be interviewing her for a Courageous Conversation on Friday, so you can expect this amazing talk next week !

Olivia is also giving a FREE MASTERCLASS with my dear friends at OMOONI this Sunday, you can discover your cervix in a totally safe and loving container here.

Back to loving your experiences, remember everything is happening FOR you, as you are the creatrix of this life experience. Take a moment to pause and reflect :

  • which intense experiences may have amazing gifts for you on the other side of pain ?
  • what signals are you receiving in your body that are pointing you in the direction of expansion to your biggest potential ?

Much love and gratitude,