Tomorrow’s Full Moon is Scorpio invites us to embrace intensity.

Holy crap Samiel, who on Earth wants to embrace intensity ?

I know. I hear you.

Yet I’m here to remind you that embracing intensity IS
the medicine that dissolves it.

With the inspiration of our inner Buddha, we’ll be reminded and guided
that our inner wisdom knows how to walk in joy and laughter,
despite the intensity. Despite the pain, the confusion, the busyness.

The conscious, joyful path is the one of balance.
When we walk allowing things, people, feelings and thoughts
to come in. And to go out.

But do we dare, to walk the path of less resistance
Do we dare to walk in joy ? And show up in joy ?

Or do we still identify with what we do,
how much we do, with whom, where

Do we still identify with the intensity?
Or do we still hide from it ?

Scorpio IS the great alchemising fire.
The Inner Buddha knows the path of joy.
And the wisdom of that path.
Dare to open yourself up to your own brightest light.
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