with Soul Alchemist Samiel Carolina

So, darling, did you say you want to find deeper meaning, fulfilment contributing your higher Soul’s work to the world feeling fully expressed as a divine human being ?


An alchemical experience to arouse your Soul’s calling and create the New Earth.

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We are at an EPIC TIME on EARTH.

We are given an extraordinary opportunity to rise as creators of the new Earth.

Perhaps you can sense it.

You sense there is definitely a deeper meaning to your life.

You see around you people living rooted deep in purpose, self belief and hope for the future.  They see possibilities everywhere. They dare to innovate.

You notice those who move freely in their life, work, relationships. Free of drama. 

You’ve walked a long path of self development and have taken bold decisions to transform your life. Still, there is more to embody, to experience and share.

Or perhaps you feel exhausted, confused and perplexed by how many shifts are happening all at once.

This is the gift of chaos.

The place from where we rise to fulfill the most important task we are here to fulfill : creating ourselves into being, contributing our medicine to the world.

Some of the transmissions you’ll experience with Samiel Carolina and the group during this experience :

  • DISSOLVE & IGNITE : Practice with FIRE for deep healing
  • What is the NEW EARTH : Life in the 5th Dimension
  • The liberation from consumers to CREATORS : The New Paradigm
  • The context of your Soul’s Purpose and the urgency of this time
  • THE GIFT OF CHAOS : Practice the courage to relax

About Samiel Carolina :

Samiel is a New Earth Soul Alchemist, born in Argentina, living globally for the past 15 years. Her work is based on a lifetime of studying and experiencing what it means to be a divine human, fully expressed, on Earth.

As a intuitive visionary as well as a speaker, writer and international retreat leader, since 2009 Samiel’s mission is to open safe and beautiful places for us to remember our creatrive power and key role each one of us play in the transformation of consciousness.

The alchemical journey you experience working with her is entirely informed by Nature’s Consciousness. After a massive life shift in 2016, Samiel started receiving the codes to set up the foundation of the New Humanity on Earth as she traveled the world connecting with different landscapes and elements.

Her work is consecrated to restore the tapestry of Humanity to create a world that is beautiful and feels safe for all to love, thrive and connect.

She’s trained and certified in different healing modalities. a passionate reader about everything quantum and committed to the ancient Mayan Traditional Path since 2010. She has been named “New Pan African Woman of Vision and Change”; and her inspiring personal journey has been featured in several books, magazines, podcasts and online journals such as Huffington Post. Her Oracle Card Deck, Shakti Medicine, is going to be published this fall by Kolima Books in Spanish.

A curious fact about Samiel: she studied animal communication and became a cat whisperer. In her circles, she’s known to be the cosmic cat lady.

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1 to 11 November 2018 | 11AM & 11PM


Join the conversation with visionaires and creators of the New Earth now.

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“I’m intimately connected with my power and bringing it out into the world as a contribution to the version of reality I wish to live in. Words that come to mind :

Deep. Raw. Allowing. Transforming. Third-eye-opening. Heart-expanding. Soulful. Nourishing. Embodiment of what we explore. Uncharted. A courageous act of self-love. My soul´s calling.

I definitely recommend Luminary, this journey is a walk-your-talk exploration without rules, a practice of embodying our insights and awakening the medicine each of us already hold.” – Crisula Nordström

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  • The main alchemical transmission is on on 1.11. The journey ends on 11.11.2018.