Finding Healing & Freedom
with Elena Bensonoff

Hello Beloved,

This is another courageous conversation during the Glowing Woman Journey. I’m delighted to introduce you to Elena Bensonoff. Elena is a Consultant Pharmacist, Artisan Perfumer, Spiritual Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Founder of Wholistic.

She has gone through an inspiring journey to get where she is today, bringing healing and freedom through her work. She and her partner Guram provide a range of services: Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Feng Shui, Salt-healing sessions, Medical and Nutritional consultations, Past Life Regression therapy, HeartMath Intervention sessions, custom Natural Perfume creations and much more.

Elena graciously shares her journey with us to remind us that there is no need to place ourselves in boxes and follow a straight line to get where we want to go. And that sometimes, we don’t even know where “we want” to go and that is totally ok. Her story is a story of trusting in the process and connecting the dots.

In this interview you will also learn and be guided through your chakras, so you can understand and experience how healing is intimately related to freedom to create the life you desire.

Elena has designed a Chakra Clearing regiment that is so simple that you could implement it right away into your daily life to improve your energy flow for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. On this interview she shares the best and most simple practices of this regiment and the 7 oils that are part of Wholistic’s Chakra System to bring healing and freedom into your life.

“Healing is freedom. It’s choosing to be free. And it’s about TRUTH…  living in gratitude, leading from the heart, and transforming how you feel—from the inside out.” – Wholistic

To know more about Elena and her work, visit her website here.

I’m so grateful our paths crossed over the internet with Elena. This conversation is another proof for me that the more I show up and share my story, my work and my vision, the basis is to connect with like-minded women around the globe. Both Elena and I connected so quickly, as we are both convinced that the future resides in restoring the healing powers that we all have as a way to claim back freedom and responsibility for creating the life each of us desire, benefiting the collective at the same time.

When we spoke for the first time last December, I remember both of us feeling ecstatic and saying to each other “how cool that I found you! I thought I was all alone in my vision! Thank you for your sacred work in this world!” A feeling that I cultivate more and more connecting in sisterhood and that has become my practice and way of being in this world.

With Love,

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow