The Path of the Glowing Human.

A conscious & intimate journey to your divine human essence.

Hi, I am Samiel. I am your true mirror. I’m here to reflect your Soul back to you.

You are part of a silent revolution, a global movement of glowing humans returning to their Soul’s essence and inner leadership.

Getting out of labeled boxes to re-write your personal and collective stories.

You are part of a new paradigm where we are giving themselves permission to BE the embodiment of the expansive, creative, free Soul.

You are ready to come back home to yourself.

You are longing for more of what makes you feel joyful, present and powerful.

You are ready to make a difference in the world and contribute to the New Earth.

It is my pleasure and honour to guide you there.

Are you ready for what is possible ?

Recommit to your dreams and desires.
Revitalise your Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul.
Remember how extraordinary it feels to be whole, centred and joyful.

Welcome to Your 3-Stage Journey


Creating fertile soil.


Redefining your Core Self.


Showing up in your glowing light.

Along your path I hold a safe space for exploration, creativity, healing and transformation. You engage in the process, develop trust, expand your awareness and create new possibilities.

This Alchemical Journey is completely crafted for you. There are no magic formulas or cookie-cutter type of structure : that would be disrespecting your Soul’s rhythm and innate wisdom.

Here are some of the themes that could be included on your chosen path.
We’ll choose together in our courageous conversation.

  • Mother Wound / Father Wound

  • Relationship to Yourself / Body Image / Intimacy

  • Relationships to Others

  • Money / Abundance

  • Sexual Energy / Sensuality / Pleasure

  • Alchemical Presence / Power

  • Self Confidence / Clarity at Life’s Crossroads

  • Soul Path / Purpose (your “Big Why”)

  • The New Earth : your life in the 5th Dimension

Here is how your journey looks like …

Ideally, we’ll work together for 6 months, having two sessions a month. In my experience, anything less than that doesn’t set you up for the holistic, soulful transformation that you want. Yet, just like a pregnancy, we can’t rush through the natural stages of the journey : we will define together what works best at this time in your life, fully respecting the rhythms of your Soul.

How long have wanted that deep, meaningful loving relationship, and the experience of living each day as the glowing human you know deep down that you are?

How many years have you been waiting to be fully you in the world ?

What I love the most about this journey, is that I get to witness YOU rising as the CREATOR of the life you know is possible for you. I know that you are fully capable and that your time is NOW.


The most important piece for your journey is that we are sure we are the right alchemical fit, there is trust, honesty and total commitment from both of us.

I invite you have a 60 min complimentary Courageous Conversation with me with the intention to get to know each other and to explore the four dimensions of your life: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

At the end of the conversation, we will be clear if we are the perfect alchemical fit and what rhythm is right for you now. Together we will decide the main focus for your journey. We finish the conversation with the date of your starting session.

There is no obligation to work together. If we are not the right alchemical fit, we’ll continue in separate directions and that will be totally ok.

What clients are saying …


“When I began my 9-month coaching journey with Samiel, I had been to Guatemala on IX-BE, and had participated in the Feminine Leader Initiated retreat. So I knew that there was transformative magic to be had wherever Samiel was. I also knew, however, that I was maybe a “difficult” case, given my many years of experience and ingrained patterns, which I needed and desperately wanted to change.

I longed for a long-term, 360 degree, holistic experience that would help me to reconnect with and express my true self, whom I had neglected for a very long time as I dedicated myself to pleasing and taking care of others. I was thrilled when I discovered that Samiel would work with me on exactly this basis. And the experience has been truly transformative – I feel like an entirely new, and whole, and strong person.

Not to mention, much better dressed and groomed, and someone who takes time to care for herself (a FIRST for me!). I feel that I have rediscovered the self whom I knew since birth and whom I had neglected. The self who will make my next chapters the very best of my life! Thank you Samiel!”

Sophie Jama

“Samiel’s guidance has helped me deeply understand my life in so many ways!! From my childhood experiences, from seemingly unimportant issues in my life and repressed emotions. I feel powerful, and have a sense of growing unconditional love for the woman I am – and feel more connected to myself than ever!”

Sophie Jama
Maria Holtschneider

“Samiel Carolina to me is a super magnetic, inspiring, beautiful, strong, nature loving and sensitive female being who has a presence and aura that makes you want to know her secret…. there is so much wisdom in her about nature, goddesses, maya traditions, symbols, elegance, the spiritual world, the power of the feminine nature, how to be healthy within your body and soul and how to do magic so that other people are able to be more connected to themselves, more connected to nature and know exactly who they are.

Just her presence, even just her voice through the phone transmutes the parts that want to be healed in you. She takes your hand and leads you to the core of your inner self, your true essence and to everything that wants to be seen.

I deeply fell in love with her from the first second I saw this magnificent being that I spent already a few lifetimes with (not in the sence of a romantic love, just for the record ;D).”

Maria Holtschneider

This journey is about shape-shifting your life.

It’s time to move forward into the New Earth awake with purpose, joy and that unshakable self belief only those who dare to glow have.

Investment & Commitment

Your decision to engage and work with me is your commitment to yourself.
Your choice on time, money and dedication you are willing to invest on yourself speaks about how badly you want the life you say you want.

Know, beloved one, that these journeys are not for everyone. They are crafted for those who want to go deep and embody greater light and love, for real. I’ll take you deep; I’ll bring you out of your comfort zone; I’ll share everything that I am and have learned; I’ll hold a powerful mirror of consciousness, beauty and possibilities; and you’ll be fully equipped to walk your chosen path beyond our time together.

Your Soul Alchemy Journey is personalised for you.

This is the original 6-month journey. If it feels like a big “Hell Yes! I get to be held for 6 months!” That is amazing!

If not, let’s have a conversation to define the format and the investment that works best for you.

  • Soul Alchemy Path

    6 Month Journey

  • 10/12 Sessions of 2 hours
  • Recoded Personal Rituals
  • Unlimited Access to Samiel via Email
  • Complementary Oracle Card Deck
  • 7’200,- €

    (or 4 instalments x 1,800.- €)

Oh, Samiel, I’d love to start my journey.
What’s next now ?

I’m honored and excited to know the possibility to connect with you.

Book your conversation with me here below, and we shall co-create your Journey.

But wait, Samiel. I’m not sure I am ready to start this journey!

There is no entrance exam to pass or experience to have in order for us to begin working together. Simply follow your intuition and be confident in yourself. You already know if a Courageous Conversation is the catalyst you need at this point in your life.

Listen deeper. What is your Soul whispering ?

Do you dare to create your life the way you know is possible ?

Let’s discover what’s possible together with this 60 min complementary courageous conversation.

“Samiel is a partner in creating magic in the lives of all women who seek an authentic place and path- for those who dare to glow. She consistently brings together unique and inspiring programs, people and experiences that help women move to a new and beautiful realm of professional and personal enlightenment!”


My Commitment to You

  • 100% to your success at all levels. I know you can create the life you desire, and I’ll mirror back to you that possibility.
  • Creating a safe space for you to share everything that you are, not holding back, playing roles will be necessary at any given moment.
  • I show up in the most authentic, sacred and magical way I can. I commit to honor you and to let you know when I do not feel capable to be fully present for you.
  • Mirroring back to you your truth, your opportunities, your shadow and the most glowing light you are.
  • Openly sharing my personal stories, ressources, ideas, experience as I feel suit your own journey.

I fully believe you can live the life you dream about. Do you?

The top 3 questions clients ask, answered for you:

I can’t afford the price, is there a discount?

Your relationship to money speaks about the relationship you have with yourself. Yep.

Let me say that again: Your relationship to money reflects the relationship you have with yourself.

What are your priorities? Where is your money being invested and spent? Are you, your health, life and dreams a priority? If yes, you will find a way to sustain your desire to invest in yourself through this journey. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

This is my personal experience: every time I said yes to myself, I have found a way to have the money I needed. And I am the type or person committed to my Soul work that spends thousands of Swiss Francs per year in coaches, mentors and experiences that bring evolution, growth and fun. I totally believe that investing in ourselves is the best way to use our money – which is energy, anyway – because what we have at a cellular level, no one can take away. Because once our awareness has expanded, our wealth expands too. The way you see yourself as a woman will be transformed through this journey, and so it’ll be your level of abundance.

I want to do this but I’m afraid. How do I know if this is right for me?

Fear is often a good sign because it shows you’re on the edge of something really big and important for you.

I invite you to ask yourself the question : Is the fear a genuine concern for your safety or is the fear signalling you’re about to actualise yourself in a big way ? It is completely normal to feel fear when you’re about to leave your comfort zone and explore the landscapes of your Soul.  In fact I expect it every time I’m on the edge of my evolutionary path. I believe fear and discomfort are good signs : they are gatekeepers to your dreams and signs towards your courageous heart and visionary Soul.

To alleviate the fear, sit with her : recognize the truth of what it is really about and decide what you want in your life. You’ll know this journey is right for you if you feel the call in your heart! And then you have nothing to be afraid of…

I am very busy with work, life, travels, etc… this sounds like a big commitment for my agenda. Can we keep the scheduling flexible?

Just as with money, the relationship you have with time is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself and how you set up your priorities. I work with women who are having dynamic and very busy agendas: we had always been successful on scheduling and keeping a good rhythm for the journey that worked for them.

The answer to the question is then, yes, we can keep the scheduling flexible (we’ll do everything the feminine way)  until we find a rhythm that works for you.

One thing is true, I can’t make you a priority to yourself. You have to make the choice and be willing to commit to this journey, which is exclusively for you, your dreams and the life you desire to live. And that may be the most important choice you’ll ever make (whether we work together or not).


If we have worked together in the past and you feel you want to go deeper to ignite your fire and glow even brighter, a 2 Day Personal Retreat is for you.

Let’s co-create together your personal retreat.