Luminary Mentorship Programm


Month #1 : KAJA OTTO : The She-Evolution

Foundress of The Solution, Host of SoulWave Radio and Status Quo Shaker.

Month #2 : DURGA HOLZHAUSER : The Poetry in the Shadow

Foundress of the Soul Gathering Society, Creatrix of Manifesting Your Soul.

Month #4 : SUSANNA NOVA : The Wonder of Rituals

Creatrix of Spirited Living:
The wonder of rituals & Trinity Gardens.


Health Alchemist, Speaker and Yogini. Foundress of Body by Conscious Design.

Month # 6 : AWI

Intuitive Artist, Mentor, Brand Designer and Creatrix of FULLY SEEN.

Month # 8 : NICOLA HUSIN

Soulful Business Coach & Mentor, Foundress of Mpower & Author of the Invisible Revolution