Luminary Mentorship Programm

Month #1: Returning Home 

Masterclass with Kaja Otto, Live Call on Sunday 10. 12 at 18h30 (CET).
Assignments by 28.12.2017 with #assignmentmonth1

In this video :

Welcome to the month ahead and to the practices.


Go down the Inanna path and offer, at each gate, what is present for you. Cultivate the connection to your womb with the practices shared below,  and create something that represents this connection.

In this video & recording below :

Chameli Ardagh introduces to the myth very briefly, and in the audio recording I guide you through the first 4 gates of the myth. I recommend you find a quiet place and time for you. You can pause the audio at any time, while you feel deeper at each gate.
The audio can be downloaded from Souncloud with the arrow on the right.


In this video :

I share my own grounding practice. You are invited to follow along or create your own. The idea, is that with time, you create such an intimate connection with your body that you can dance what wants to be danced in the moment.

Start by setting the intention for your practice.
Place your hands in your belly and heart.
“Tune in” : what is in here that wants to be danced ?

Download the video here.

Download the music here.


In this video :

Let’s get more intimate with our pelvis. With the place that the ancients, knew as the vessel for all life creation. A place in the female body specifically design to hold space for creativity, to receive what needs to be alchemised, to release what doesn’t serve. And to be a multidimensional gate for life to come in human form. Creating and pro-creating humanity.