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for Light-workers, Teachers, Leaders, Writers, Artists, soulful Business Owners that are called to rise and contribute their gifts, visions and medicine to the world.

Luminary is for those ready to rise as a creator of the new ways, new structures, new strategies and modalities. Let’s roll our sleeves and show up in the world with our gifts, light and talents.

Why is this mentorship important now ?

There is a lot of noise, confusion and competition. Chaos prevails. People are longing to connect, to feel safe, to love. Isolation has become too painful . People are thirsty for real, honest leadership and actualised teachings.

The sacred work of creating a new paradigm has become an “industry” where not all practices are transparent and for the highest good of all.

We need you. In your embodied divine human form. Full of love, compassion and wisdom. We need your fully embodied light, and your courage to embrace your shadows.

Many are responding yes to the call of the Soul to rise and contribute. Yet methods, old dogmas and disciplines tend to place us back in boxes, making us small, and more of the same.

The truth is that this mentorship is about all of us.
We illuminate this world together.

Because when you show up being the most real beautiful you, your presence makes a difference in everyone around you. You are a divine human being with an innate gift, a sacred medicine that your Soul is calling you to embrace.

You feel, in your bones, that there is a new way.

You know that your light is not about the methods you learn and teach, the price of your offer, the trainings and certifications that you have.

What will illuminate your life and the world is the inner work that you have done to come to wholeness, embracing both your human and divine essence.

It is about you claiming your unique seat in the tapestry of humanity.
The seat your Soul has chosen, and that no one else can occupy but you. 

Are you ready to Heal it, Live it, Teach it ?

Then LUMINARY is for YOU.

The thing is, to fulfill the task of being a Luminary is not easy. We are walking new ground. We are creating the new ways as we awake to our Soul.
In my own experience and that of the women I serve, it can feel …

… as if you have a knot in your throat.
You see people you love suffering: your friend who can’t seem to recover from her recent heartbreak, your colleagues who burn out from pressure and exhaustion, your students who have incredible hidden potential but cannot unlock it on their own…. Maybe you see children, animals or nature suffering and you want to rise and help.  You know that within you there is a story that can inspire them. There is something inside that tells you you can make a positive impact in their lives. But you are scared … would they understand ? would they still be by your side or run away ?

…  restless.
You don’t find the time to consistently dedicate to your message. There is something urgent and important at work to pay attention to, your family needs you, your friends claim your presence and of course you need time to rest. You dedicate to your message for a weekend, something magical is produced but then weeks go by until you dedicate to it again. You still give your time to the familiar, somehow it feels safe… yet it doesn’t fulfill you.

… hesitant.
Maybe you’ve been in your activity, teaching or business for quite some time but you grew so much, that now there is a deeper wisdom in you willing to be shared. You see things differently. Your teachings need to be more holistic, more powerful or more creative. You have new visions for your business, your team, your community. But you lack clarity in how to transform and uplevel what you are already doing. Will people judge you ? Criticize you ? Who are you to claim this ?

… squeezed into a little box.
Titles such as coach, healer, therapist, founder, author or even fancy certifications feel small (and limiting) to you. You wish you knew how to play a more authentic game and contribute with all the power you secretly know you have. But in reality you compare yourself to others showing up with their obvious gifts and you think…”I got nothing they must be stronger/richer/more confident… than me”

So you developed a self-development addiction.
You take courses and coaches hoping to get ready, but “ready” never comes. You protect your gift, your message, so much because you think you are not ready yet. You keep registering (and unsubscribing) from every single free webinar around on “how to launch -fill in the blank-” Even worse, maybe you are spending your precious money and time on plenty of courses, retreats and expensive coaches. Deep down you know that you are covering up your fear of being exposed in your own glowing light and being vulnerable in your truth.

You may feel tired, exhausted, of the old ways.
Your physical body is craving for expansion, for being, doing and working in a more feminine way. It is scary…. What if I lose control ? What if I can’t achieve anything being feminine?

Because I’ve been there myself, and I feel this is a universal condition that must be reverted in order to illuminate this world. We need a safe container to have deeper conversations, explore and create new ways of being, working, and loving.
Luminary aims to be that container for you.

I believe you and your medicine are here to make a difference.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling this for a while.
Now you are ready to rise and glow in your unique way.

You are ready to fulfill your promise:
to share your light on Earth.


I AM ready to RISE.
I step into the life I am here to live,
I let my Soul lead the way, fully and completely.


What I know for sure, is that
in order to fulfill your Soul’s calling,
creating yourself in all your
multidimensional glory,
you’ll need :

A group of like-minded sisters.
Who understand where you’re at and what you’re about, who just get you, see you, hear you and receive your message loud and clear. Imagine how comforting it feels to find your intimate tribe of support and inspiration, both in successes and challenges. You know it is impossible to thrive in isolation, you’re longing for a community of sisters that feels the same way as you do. Here, you’ll experience and create exactly that.

Understanding that your gift, vision and ideas belong to the future.
That’s why you feel you don’t belong here. You are a visionary, a leader, a creatrix. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You can finally settle into yourself and your gift, no more restlessness, no more comparison; you’ll create in collaboration and connection instead.

Claim and reconnect to the wisdom of your body.
Probably like most women, you feel a disconnection from your body and your natural creative rhythms. Through Luminary you’ll be guided with deep simple practices to reconnect with your rhythm, body and aroused creative force so you don’t have to choose between  your well-being and doing the most important work you’ll ever do. Hustle free.

Embrace the fact that your are born to answer this call.
It’s not only your birthright;  it’s your responsibility to share your LIGHT with the world. Your Soul is here to experience that what you are called to do. The beauty of this, is that ONLY YOU can be, do and share this in the way you’ll do it. You can now feel absolutely safe being you, removing the need to compete forever.

Understand the context of your gift.

Through this mentorship you will understand why YOU are the perfect person to share, create, lead in the way only you can do it. I will guide you and support you in doing this without the overwhelm and panic of “launching” yourself into the world. Together with the group, we’ll create a safe fertile soil to ground your gifts first and plant the seeds of your expansion.

Before all this, you need to open up to it and own your gift. Are you ready ?

Who I am and why you can trust me with your calling

The thing I want you to know right away is that I AM NOT YOUR LIFE COACH: OR ANY KIND OF COACH, for that matter.

I am Samiel Carolina and during this 9-month journey I get to be your mentor. Not because I know better. Because I know deeper and I dare to guide you to places you probably never been within yourself.

My work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. My personal journey to fully embrace and embody my femininity in an authentic way started when I was 11 years old: I joined the Perpendicular body work class and quickly became disciple of the creatrix, with whom I studied for over 15 years.

I then explored other body work techniques and modelling, getting to know the industry of fashion and image (aka objectivization of our body) inside out.

My career as Drawing Professor, Designer, Brand Ambassador and Events Organiser took me from Buenos Aires, to Kuala Lumpur, to Madrid.

Once in Switzerland, I started transitioning from Design and Marketing to Soul Alchemy. This path includes :

  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified 5th Dimension Therapist ( Bio-decodification + Transgenerational healing)
  • Certified Teacher and Healer of the Tibetan Solar Consciousness (DyanChohan)
  • Student of Quantum Psychology
  • Consecrated Initiated to Mayan Traditional Path with the Grandmothers of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala since 2010.
  • Co-founder the WE (Women Empowerment) Summit in ESA, Crete, in 2013.
    Named “New Pan African Woman of Vision and Change” by the African High Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin.
  • Creatrix of the Gratitude Dinners movement in Geneva in 2012, a social gathering to elevate the vibration and expand awareness.
  • Creatrix and leader of the Glowing Woman Temple in Geneva since 2012.
  • Creatrix of IXBE, retreats in Guatemala to the feminine essence, since 2014.
  • Student of the latest business and marketing trends through programs, retreats and private coaching and mentors top in the industry (such as Tara Gentile, Kelly Diels and many, many more).

I know, most probably this list looks like I’ve been all over the place. Honesty, to me, it feels this way. Until I sat down to take a deeper look asking myself : what is the golden thread here? What is this list telling me about myself?

I now know that I’ve always been all about EXPRESSION, LOVE, BEAUTY and CONNECTION. That each of the roles is a box, fulfilling the purpose of the Soul : revealing to me what I am all about and helping me accessing my gifts.

This is exactly what I am here to offer you through Luminary: a safe container to get out of the boxes, and embrace the glorious multidimensional essence of your soul.

Together we’ll cut through the distractions and focus on who you are and why you are here. Let me be the sacred fire that ignites and liberates your Soul.

Ambikha Devi Saraswati

“Samiel illuminates perfectly as a woman of strength, love and compassion to her students, to other women and to people in general. What I also love is her ability to always be there for her students and other women who are seeking for advice and guidance…this is what I have observe from her when we were on the training…which I feel is really important…

She carries so much knowledge and wisdom; it really shows that she have done her own inner work to be able to hold space for people. I loved that she brought her Shamanic wisdom, Movement practice, Women empowerment, and New vision for healers into our training. It makes our training more rich and fruitful. She brought softness as well as strength.

I felt safe around her; she’s very experience facilitator and she’s coming from a heart centred place when she holds space for people. And that I feel is very important when we tap into the vulnerability of people that will come for us for guidance.”

Ambikha Devi Saraswati
Blanca Vergara

Samiel Carolina is a gentle, powerful guide and healer. I had the privilage to work with her in the framework of the International WIN Conference. At that moment I was in a cloud of confusion as I came to remember traumatic childhood events. That confussion was coupled with a strong conviction to bring my business to a higher level of service and contribution. In only one session I was able to get the clarity and the courage I so needed. All that was clear rationally before the session, became emotionally serenely solid.
One day later, I had the opportunity to enjoy her group session. This took my transformation to a higher level. That clarity, certainty and serenity got somatized. I could feel in every cell of my body the peace and the knowing that what I’m wanting is already so.
I’m incredibly grateful!”

Blanca Vergara

What does the program look like ?


November 2018 for 9 months.

LUMINARY mentorship program is designed to be woven into your life.

You will be invited to interact with other participants in a private sharing group where you can ask, share, contribute to the circle.

Assignments are suggested each month to support the process in a very practical , tangible way. Sometimes you’ll have “partners” to connect deeper with other participants, and with yourself.

Sister Partner: you’ll work in “teams” to connect deeper with other participants, and with yourself.



Monthly Recorded Class: 60min

Monthly Live Session & Q&A call: 90min

Monthly Home-play:
using different techniques (movement, journaling, ritual, enquiry, creativity) you’ll be guided to deepen into each month’s class and integrate it in your life and work.

Monthly Assignment:
to be submitted by the end of each month to receive personal input from Samiel and the group.

Rest and Integration:
an essential practice for Soul Alchemy. There will be plenty of space to rest.

In LUMINARY, we make sure you have as much personal support and input as possible. 

I want to be totally honest and translucent with you. One of the biggest objections to online programs is the kind of support we receive. I have experienced that myself, and my clients too. So here are the two most precious features of LUMINARY.


Personal Insight:
Monthly recorded audio with further guidance.

You receive my intuitive personal insights as a feedback to your submitted assignment. This helps you to fully integrate each module and clarify your action steps to move forward towards answering you call feeling grounded and centered.


Personal Mentorship Call:
3 calls of 60min (worth over 1.000 CHF).

With this exclusive opportunity I intend to offer deeper support in any way that is best for you, making sure your most personal questions are answered : we can explore healing, clarity, or further alignment to creating your life while answering your call.






1st Module


We dedicate this module to dive deep, heal and dissolve; to free yourself from patterns that are unconscious roadblocks to your potential, medicine and gift. We will use them as stepping stones to wholeness, the integration of light and shadow that is urgently needed in those rising up to create the new world, the new structures and ways of being, living and working.

Heal and dig out the past experiences, old structures and strategies that do not hold your vision. These are located mainly in the emotional and energetic body, which are the bodies that attract or repel what you are ready for now.

  • Emotional, Energetic & Mental Blocks: prepare to fully incarnate into human
  • Unlearning preconceptions and limitations around Money, Relationships, Purpose
  • The New Feminine Spirituality & Leadership: recognise the magnificence of your divine Soul
  • Heal your Mystic Story: past life’s stories must be dissolved
  • Developing new bodies to receive and create your new paradigm

2nd Module


This module is the space and time to discover your innate gift, talent and medicine. You already have all that you need inside you. Your life has been showing you all this time. You’ll practice to listen, trust your intuition, validate and value your essence and gifts.
You will learn grounding techniques and Soul Alchemy practices that will sustain you beyond this journey.

  • Self worth & Soul Confidence: heal the deepest human wounds
  • Owing, Crafting & Sharing your unique story: unleash your voice
  •  You and your gifts evolving together: Soul Alchemy practices
  • Your Circle of Councils: support for you and your practice
  • The new ways in business: your unique approach beyond methods and disciplines.
  • Prepare to receive your Soul’s levels of richness: a new paradigm of abundance.

3rd Module


You are now ready to TEACH IT, LEAD IT and share it with the world. You are now getting ready to have at the end of the mentorship your own medicine crafted, practiced, and ready to go into the world.

Once you birth your gifts in a very concrete offer, you are guaranteed to rise above the noise, competition and confusion that is in the market today so you can truly contribute and make a difference in the world.

  • Presence as a Feminine Leader
  • Creating your “industry” – preparing a platform to stand out
  • Get comfortable taking risks, being seen and heard
  • Claim what you stand for: polarise your message

Live Training in Bali

Embodied Light Leadership Training

June 2019 in Ubud, Bali

Luminary Mentorship is a journey in community; for the community. As you rise to the most important work you’ll do in your entire life, you’ll realise that a community of women that supports you fully and completely is KEY to your success.

That’s why we gather LIVE in the beautiful land of Bali. We come together to nourish ourselves and each other, sharing our medicine, receiving and giving genuine feedback, deepening the practices of the last few months and preparing to leap wholeheartedly into our luminous future.

This week-long training is included in the investment price.

  • Deeper practices to access your creative sexual energy.
  • Emotional & Energetic Presence.
  • Embodiment & Connection.
  • Nourishing individual and group rituals.
  • Creating and holding sacred space for your practice.
  • Practice, deliver, lead and receive feedback, fine tune.
  • Experience the powerful support of Sisterhood.


Welcome to the magical island of BALI.

“Take a deep breath and feel the pure blessing of this spacious place to expand all views…”


with Guest Luminary Teachers


Intuitive Artist, Mentor,
Brand Designer and Creatrix of


Health Alchemist, Speaker and Yogini. Foundress of Body by Conscious Design.


Foundress of the Soul Gathering Society, Creatrix of Manifesting Your Soul.


Creatrix of Spirited Living:
The wonder of rituals & Trinity Gardens.


Foundress of The Solution, Host of SoulWave Radio and Status Quo Shaker.


Soulful Business Coach & Mentor,
Foundress of Mpower &
Author of the Invisible Revolution


This is a COMMITMENT to your Soul’s medicine.
This is for you if you are ready to rise and
commit to yourself.

You and your medicine are here to make a difference.
Perhaps you’ve been feeling this for a while.
Now you are ready to rise and glow in your unique way.

You are ready to fulfill your promise: to share your light on Earth.
This mentorship will help you to embody this light.

The thing is, once you claim it and own it, you need to fulfill it.
There is no coming back.

LUMINARY opens the gates for you.

Imagine entering the next phase of your life rooted in your bigger WHY –
serving your Soul, sharing your Light, every single day, for the rest of your life.

Welcome to Luminary.

Now, you may be wondering how much you’ll invest in your commitment?

The deeper question is…

How much is your freedom and soul’s fulfillment worth to you?

The investment for 2018 is going to be announced in March.

Say yes to your soul’s medicine.
Click the button below to go to the application form and to be invited to join.


Participation in Luminary is by application only.
Here are the steps that need to happen in order to apply:

  1. Please feel deeply into your Soul and the fulfilment of your life as it is right now. Read the FAQ below carefully.
  2. Read through and fill in the application form by clicking the “Apply Now” button below.
  3. In the application please indicate the type of payment you prefer: in full or in 9 installments.
  4. Send an email to luminary@samielcarolina.com to let us know when you sent the application and which payment method did you choose so we can make sure we receive everything from you.
  5. Confirmation: you’ll be notified via email about the results of your application, latest by 1 November 2018.
  6. Once you have received the confirmation, you can proceed to book your flight tickets to BALI for our live training. We advice not to buy the tickets before.
  7. Your participation is only confirmed with the payment, so please make sure you proceed to payment as soon as your application is accepted to claim your seat in the mentorship.

What you will receive to claim your soul’s medicine and
share your magic with the world:

• You’ll get a complete multidimensional healing system that you need as a Luminary to live in full alignment with your Soul.

• You’ll receive practical tools on how to access your soul medicine, understanding your own language, landscapes and rhythms.

• You’ll design, practice and refine your medicine offer, and you’ll have testimonials and raving tribe. Your self-belief will be rooted deep within you before you get even started to serve in the way you want to serve.

• You’ll receive a 9-month energetic container of support, guidance and full attention.

I believe that this kind of investment to yourself is priceless and it is the most fundamental purpose of your soul.

The fulfillment you’ll receive from actualizing a lifetime of soul desires is worth it alone. You are born to do this : share your medicine at this point in time of the evolution of humanity.

Clarisse M.

“When I began my 9-month coaching journey with Samiel, I had been to Guatemala on IX-BE, and had participated in the Feminine Leader Initiated retreat. So I knew that there was transformative magic to be had wherever Samiel was. I also knew, however, that I was maybe a “difficult” case, given my many years of experience and ingrained patterns, which I needed and desperately wanted to change. I longed for a long-term, 360 degree, holistic experience that would help me to reconnect with and express my true self, my dreams and projects postponed for so many years. I was thrilled when I discovered that Samiel would work with me on exactly this basis. And the experience has been truly transformative – I feel like an entirely new, and whole, and strong person. I feel that I have rediscovered the self whom I knew since birth and whom I had neglected. The self who will make my next chapters the very best of my life! Thank you Samiel !

Clarisse M.
Anne Gimalac

“Samiel mentorship was key to unlock self-awareness of my core value as a professional and as a woman. Samiel is highly professional and inspiring lady, demonstrating active listening and a high degree of empathy and flexibility. If you look for a deep and effective reflection, far beyond what can bring a typical coaching or mentorship in Leadership, this program is for you!”

Anne Gimalac
Michelle Telio

“I considered myself a very dynamic woman before the Program. Now that I finished, I can experience myself at a higher level with an improved self esteem and self image. It has changed my life and how I look at myself, my life and career. Her support in trusting in the process is incredible, this makes the experience very empowering.”

Michelle Telio

Are you ready to claim your space, or do you still have questions?

Do I have to be a healer, teacher or business owner to join this mentorship?

Absolutely not, darling ! This program is created to mentor women who are ready to glow their medicine in the world. Wherever this happens in your current place of work, or you decide to craft a completely independent activity, write a book, create a course… There are infinite possibilities and one of them is the best for your Soul. We’ll discover exactly that.

I’ve already done so many programs. How do I know if this one is really different?

I hear you and this is totally valid doubt. What I know to be true in my own experience with answering my call and creating my life on my terms, is that there is no magic formulas that fit me. I lost myself, my money and time into trying to follow other’s roadmaps. I know now that each one of us, that is you, have a unique way to answering the call and making a difference. This course is not curriculum based. Rather, it is the foundation for sustainable, long term transformation that provides frameworks, tools and practices for you to fill up with your unique message, content and magic.

Let’s make sure LUMINARY is the right program for you now, darling. I’d love to invite you to book a complimentary connection call with me. We’ll make sure all your questions are answered.

BOOK YOUR 30′ CONNECTION CALL HERE. No strings attached. Pure love and limitless potential.

How is the course delivered ?

All the material is delivered via the private online membership site. This means instruction, teaching, philosophy and videos, plus playbooks, practices and manuals. The live calls are hosted on zoom and will be recorded and made available as replay. Those unable to join the live calls, can send questions and assignments to receive personal insights.

Live calls will happen in different days and times so we made as easy to join as possible from different time zones and locations.

There is one week of LIVE training in Bali.

And 3 one to one calls via zoom for each participant.

How much time will I need to invest per month?

This mentorship program is designed to be woven into your life, your tasks and your agenda. The more dedication, presence and awareness you put into this mentorship, the more results you will have for yourself, your life and your work.

You will be invited to interact with other participants in a private sharing group where you can ask, share, contribute to the circle. Everyone gives and receives, as a true feminine leader and creatrix.

Assignments are suggested and encouraged each month to support the process in a very practical , tangible way. Sometimes you’ll have “partners” to connect deeper with other participants, and with yourself.

The content will be delivered weekly, but there will be rest weeks for every module. When we do deep transformative Soul work in multidimensional layers, empty space for integration is absolutely essential. That’s why the course goes for a nine month period. The birth process cannot be rushed. The Soul has its own rhythm, specific to you, and this mentorship is designed for you to discover it. So you have time to not only heal, download and activate yourself with new energy, but to learn and implement your new knowledge and actively create your abundant soul medicine offer over the course of the mentorship cycle.

Every woman has total permission to go at their own pace. You’ll have access to the course for the entire cycle so you can revisit the course again and again or move through it in your own rhythm.

You have complete permission to go as deep into your healing, as expansive into your soul medicine and as magnetic into your launching as you desire.

When I launch my Soul’s medicine after the mentorship, will I be able to earn money and sustain myself?

While earning money always depends on your commitment, dedication AND perseverance in birthing your work, the truth is that this mentorship aims at liberating you from any restrictions to abundance that you have.

And, during our training in Bali you will get to crystallize your offer, get feedback and experience that will accelerate your launching process.

Your Soul has a specific vibration, and a specific level of abundance that will be activated during the mentorship. If you put the loving dedication needed, this may manifest as launching your own practice,  bigger groups than the ones you have, level up your position in your company, etc…

What if I can’t join the live Q&A calls?

It’s totally OK. You will not miss out on any value since they will all be recorded for you to watch or listen to at your own convenience. You will be able to pre-submit any questions you have prior to the call, and you will have access to me and the sisterhood in the Facebook group all the way through the program and beyond.

Will I get personal feedback on my journey/processes/assignments?

Absolutely YES! The key to receiving personal feedback and insights from me is to show up either on Facebook with the assignments, to the calls or submit via email on the due dates. People who choose not to show up on the journey normally don’t get the best results and the deep transformation they are hoping for. If I don’t hear from you, I can’t offer you my guidance. So make sure to engage and reach out to me if you need me – I’m here for you!

What if I decide that the program isn’t right for me at this time - will I get reimbursed?

Reimbursement will be available for those who finish the 9 months, submitted the 9 assignments and still, didn’t get any result from the mentorship. At the same time this is my guarantee to you : of you are really willing to commit to your Soul’s medicine, darling, there is no way you will want to get reimbursed or even pull out from the mentorship. Some months may be more inspiring and engaging, some others less. I know this by experience. The truth is that what matters is the whole process and your commitment to yourself.