A FREE Masterclass on the alchemical process to creating yourself into being, doing the work you are here to do.

Love note : scroll down and discover the 5-week group mentoring for 6 women only.

What participants are saying :

“Thank you Samiel for illuminating a path for others to be able to shine their light! I felt so much love and guidance from this masterclass. My inner fire wants to blaze! With this guidance I know I can take her through the journey back to Earth and repeat/continue the process for as long as my soul body is housed in my physical body. Thank you dear sister!” – Lillian

“What I witnessed during that class and what came through was pure magic. All of your beauty, your power, your magic, your wisdom was absolutely magnificent. And I am not making this bigger than it is. It WAS big. I felt that another layer has been peeled off and what has emerged is a more real and raw version of you. Even your gestures were ones I have never seen before. I felt you were more YOU than ever before. And you just oozed confidence. You were lit up woman! Truly! I loved you before, but now I love you even more. What an inspiring example of a fully embodied woman. I want some of that!!!” – Joan

METAMORPHOSIS is a deep-mentoring group for women who feel there is a transformation already happening or willing to happen, in any area of their life : career, relationships, lifestyle, creativity…

5 sessions x 2hs for women willing to say YES to the transformation that is already here.

Together we will :

  • understand the 5 stages of the alchemical journey of metamorphosis
  • discover where you are right now and how you can move through the phases with ease and grace
  • clarify who you are becoming though this process
  • practice unshakable sisterhood, deepening trust in yourself and other women
  • understanding your unique medicine that wants to be bron through this process

For you, if you feel this is the right time to say YES to the new and you want support in the process, getting even more ready to receive all the goodness that is coming to you.