Hey beautiful,

For many, the end of 2016 sounds like “Thank you 2016, I’m glad you are finishing and hope not to see you again!” …

Yes, for many, it has been a rough ride, a rollercoaster type of year. Is this you ?

Maybe not. maybe you received a lot of good things.

For all of us, it has been a year of completion and purification. 

Why ? Because we are all given the opportunity to live a life that is more authentic and aligned with who we are, our values, our dreams. So this year has been all about allowing the old structures (read jobs, relationships, security, comfort, wellbeing, spiritual practice…) to crack open, to fall apart, so we can access a deeper place of truth…. and love…

Yes. That is my biggest learning of 2016. 

Everything, absolutely every thing, that happens for us is to grant us access to a deeper place of love. 

Are we willing to cross the threshold and expand?

That is the greatest question that came up in 2016, and will continue to be present in 2017.

In this rollercoaster of a year for me, my biggest learning is that all the breakups, breakdowns and breakthrough are ultimately serving LOVE. Love as a pure source of energy, as a source of vitality, creativity, pleasure, and capacity to heal.

I have fallen in LOVE with life, with my inner child, with women, with men, with children, with my body, with the Goddess, with the trees, the rivers and the oceans. I’ve fallen in love with this life and its magnificence. And with my cat. With all cats!

I have learned that for accessing that greatest source of LOVE inside of us there is an enourmous amount of beautiful work to be done : Forgiveness. Forgiveness as reclaiming our capacity  to “give as before”. To unlearn believes, behaviours and words. To remember how to listen to ourselves, to honour our truth and to occupy our space.

I also confirmed (because this I know since I’m a little girl) that the greatest commitment and relationship we will ever have is with ourselves.

So I wish you, beloved, all the LOVE I know there is available for everyone one of us here at this time. 

And I wish, I envision and desire with every cell of my body, that we create a golden tapestry of LOVE capable of bringing healing beauty and peace on Earth. Because each one of us is part of this tapestry. We are connected to each other. And our Glowing Light makes a huge difference .

I love you, I see you, and I’m looking forward to connect with you on the other side of 2016.

With Love and Gratitude,

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow