Oh… This Holy Female Body…

I always wondered why my cuticles grow so strong and so quick that I can’t keep them nicely as much as I’d like to.

The other night, I had the idea of looking for the answer on my manual on Bio-Decodification, the therapy training I received 5 years ago. What I found out really shocked me :

“When the cuticles grow fast and thick, they are an indicator that you tend to be very harsh on yourself. You tend to be critical with yourself, and perfectionist.”


Few months ago I adopted the phrase “I am work in progress”, because, I have to confess, my inner critic is such a perfectionist that will literally get me paralysed more than I would like to.

But the cuticles thing really blew my mind, actually our body and her wisdom, always bless my mind. She is constantly talking to us with so much patience and love, until we are ready to slow down and listen to her, so we can grow.

Are you a perfectionist too? How are your cuticles ?

Then, I turned to my left breast which was hurting. I sat in  silence and I journey within. I saw and felt something unexpected, that


I started to allow memories of me and my mother where I felt I was not being “a good daughter” to her. I could fully feel the incredible amount of guilt I’ve been carrying with the belief  “I AM GUILTY FOR NOT BEING A GOOD DAUGHTER.”

With all the years of healing, training and spiritual paths, I was not at all aware of this inside myself. Just for context, I started “working” on my mother wound at 18 years old, when walking away from anorexia. So WOW! Again, until I slowed down and listen to my breast, and cry for literally 2 hours, I couldn’t be even aware of the guilt inside my breast.

The left breast stands for : problems in the nest, you as a daughter, you as part of your lineage, you and your mother.”

I know this is tough to answer : but how do you really feel towards your mother ?

Most daughters carry guilt and shame for not being the good daughter – specially when our mothers have showed us their victim side and we wanted her to be happy…

What amazed me is that I’ve been subconsciously compensating this guilt with over giving : in my relationships and my business, cultivating in me an inner experience of exhaustion for year.

How are you compensating your inner critic? your guilt? your shame?


“Thank you, dear Samiel, for your gracious, insightful & beautiful vulnerability. Your presence and wisdom has allowed a process to start on a molecular level for which I felt I was waiting for a very long time. Thank you for providing a safe environment and guidance for this transformation to take place.”



YES, you guessed it.

Our mother is the one that helps us shape at very early age of our life, our inner voice, as much as our inner landscape of creativity, imagination,  expression and intuition. The tone that your mother (or main caretaker) used to talk to you; her body language; the way she touched you and looked at you : they ALL contribute to shape up the way your inner voice talks to you about you, your life and inner capabilities.

Now you know why the INNER CRITIC is one of the most difficult inner archetypes to heal: the mother wound has many, many layers, and generations. Healing the Inner Critic is not positive thinking or emotional intelligence, it is going deep and unrooting the voices, gestures and looks that shaped her.


The Inner Critic is one of the archetypes that is healed through the Mother Wound. This session is for women that are ready to walk lighter and joyfully their own chosen path. You can join us from the comfort of your home

Tending Your Roots : return to wholeness healing your mother wound.

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Celebrating you,

With Love & Gratitude,