In a world that demands so much from you, claiming a space where you fall into silence for inner listening, feeling into what is true and what really matters is essential to restore a deeper sense of wellbeing, direction and creativity.

The online Moon Lodge is dedicated to women and men who want to bring insights and magic back to their lives, feeling centered, joyful and grounded.

This sacred, magical online space helps you to :

  • Pause to nourish yourself at a Soul level.
  • Drop into your heart space and feel whole and centered,
  • Experience the power of stepping out of emotional tension and confusion.
  • Experience magic through a simple yet powerful guided ancient ritual to cultivate clarity as you activate your intuition.
  • Make choices from a feeling of peace rooted in your inner truth and dearest vision for your life.

Welcome, beloved.

  • This is a completely free moon lodge. It’s my pleasure to gift this powerful experience to you.
  • You’ll receive an email with the link to the moon lodge the day before and the same day of the online event.
  • You’ll receive a recorded REPLAY (audio file) after the moon lodge.
  • The moon lodge lasts maximum 60 min.


Next Online Moon Lodge
July 27- 2 PM (CET)


Even if you can’t make it, join us anyway! We’ll send you the audio recording.

What sisters are saying:

“Samiel’s rituals are powerful. They unlock deeper level of consciousness and allows potential to expand.” – Karen

“The meditations are great : simple words, easy to get into and powerful.” – Mireille