Our Soul and body have their own natural wisdom and rhythm.

Not because in the man made calendar we transitioned from one year to the other, we feel like starting something new.

For us in the North Hemisphere, Winter and the wise woman archetype is still asking us to rest and resource. For those in the South, Summer and the mother archetype is inviting you to keep radiating your light, complete the projects you started, nourish yourself and others.

I’ve been observing these last few days how much I still feel honouring the winter season. Taking time to rest, reflect, release, listen deeply before I take any action. Not because I have nothing to “do”. Rather, because the doing has an “inward” direction, rather than outward.

I’ve been observing how much from the Ego perspective, I feel pressured to say something, post a new article on the blog, have a whole year planed and create new offers for you.

I witnessed that part of me and I invited her to rest with me. Deep inside I know it’s going to be an important year that will ask lot of me in my own transformation and new way of serving you. Busyness is just one more addiction of our times. We need to cultivate deep listen and patience in order to live a Soulful life.

Last year I committed to honour the natural cycle of creation… so I’m giving myself some more time until I fully reveal to you what’s 2018 will be like. All I can say is that some very exciting projects are being formed right now !

Full Moon RitualFull Moon Ritual to Open 2018 to the four directions. Purchase and Download from the Online Shop here :

Our ritual to OPEN 2018 is here :

Yesterday we had our first Full Moon online Lodge of 2018. The practice was really beautiful and powerful. I want to thank all of you who sent me messages today.

This practice helps us remember that inner rhythm, as we turn our awareness to each one of the four directions and each one of our bodies.

In this ritual, you’ll be guided to practice with the four directions and four elements that help you ground your intentions and receive the blessings that 2018 already has for you.

You’ll access your Spiritual, Material, Emotional and Mental dimensions to OPEN to release and receive. You step into your center to receive from your SOUL the one word that moves you through 2018 as you choose to walk your evolutionary path, trusting more and more the ways of your Soul, the rhythm of your body and your awareness.

A gentle yet deep practice so you move in the direction of our dreams, longings and desires this year feeling free and open.

Celebrating you and the year ahead,