As a Feminine Leader Initiated,

You know the sacred language of your Body.

You left behind the illusion of separation

between matter and spirit.

You are one. You are whole.

You carve out space to listen

and to connect to a deeper place of Wisdom.

You place your Soul Vision

in your sacred cosmic womb.

Your feelings are your guiding system.

You cultivate courage

to step into your Light.

You lead with integrity

speaking from your Solar Plexus

your highest truth.

You walk the path of less resistance.

You know. You just know with your whole being,

when the time has come.

You take deliberate action.

Your Body is your primordial SOUL’s temple.

Your Thoughts are your prayers.

Your Movements are the expressions of your visions.

Your Whole being is a glowing light of unconditional LOVE.

Your Feminine Leadership is LIFE GIVING.

I see you. I feel you. I love you.

From the Soul Gathering in LaLumiere : Feminine Leader Initiated, organized by Durga Holzhauser and where I had the honor to serve 18 wonderful feminine leaders.