Soul Essence Reading

A deep and enlightening exploration of your Soul from the Mayan perspective.

As a devoted practitioner of the Mayan Sacred Path, using the ancient technology of the Tzolk’in Calendar, I offer a powerful-in-depth reading that gives you precise information about your energy essence, your innate talents, the Soul contracts helping you to grow, and the opportunity to recognize your personal purpose.

Let me hold a true mirror and reflect back to you the Glowing Light that you are.

This is an invitation to pause and take a deep look into the Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Material dimensions of your life. Let the ancient teachings and wisdom guide you back to your essence and to the creatrix powers you are born with.

We have been disconnected from our inner compass for generations. We have developed maps for everything physical, yet many times we still feel lost. There are no maps for what is “unseen”, felt or desired.

When you feel that …

… finding balance and clarity
when you are at an important crossroad in your life, career or relationships,
feeling at peace in the present
when you are attached to the past and worried about your future,
… staying centered and grounded in your Soul’s purpose,

have become increasingly challenging, this session provides you a powerful and deep understanding on how all dimensions of your being are perfectly orchestrated for your chosen Soul’s path.

This reading provides you with the map you need to walk confidently in the direction you most desire.
Are you ready?

I want to access my hidden gifts, my inner knowing, creativity and freedom.

Your 1 hour session includes the audio recording & the pdf with the drawing of your essence’s energetic map that will be sent to you via email.

Investment: 197 CHF

Paula Lavallol

“Working with Samiel Carolina has given me new eyes. Greater awareness of my cycles, more serenity in making decisions, a new sense of belonging, and bigger love for myself. Thank you Samiel.”

Paula LavallolAustralia
Randeep Dhillon

“Samiel captures the true essence of being a woman and how to live true to yourself in this modern world.”

Randeep DhillonUnited Kingdom