Ready to Receive

“She prepares herself to receive the new cycle.
She cultivates self knowledge.
Growing roots within.
So she is no are not influenced
by external factors, expectations
and other people’s agendas.

She had enough.
She doesn’t’ compromise
her Soul anymore.

She is ready to receive.
She soften up, she makes space.

She is ready to receive.

She roots herself in her vision.
She gets answers she
thought would never come.

When she is open to receive.

She moves closer
to her dreams.

She will feel them first.
She will know. She is guided.
She is not alone.

She is open to receive.”

IMAGINE : Who would you be if you have superpowers ?

One of the superpowers of being a woman is the capacity to RECEIVE. Yet, for many generations , we have been taught to do, to push, to hustle, to control, to achieve. Parts of our feminine essence have been frozen, static, dormant. Parts of our superpowers are yet to be activated.

Join us for the Soul Centred Resolution this Friday, and cultivate your superpower to RECEIVE your visions for 2016.

When you want clarity, creativity and courage, you need to TRUST the unfolding of your path : your intuition, your Soul guidance, the synchronicities and messages from your environment are right there for you to trust.

Join us for the Soul Centred Resolution this Friday and receive your visions for 2016 under this special NEW MOON. Walk 2016 in trust and beauty, sister. We walk together.


With love & gratitude,