Redefining Letting Go

I hear it again and again in my private practice, workshops and spontaneous conversations. How difficult is to let go of things, situations, relationships… How do you actually do it?….

What if letting go is not about forgetting the wounds, closing doors to past relationships or situations  but more like embracing them? If we can shift to a new way of practicing letting go, resentment, bitterness and separation are transformed into a feeling of wholeness and gratitude. I had experienced that again and again myself and clients receiving the DNA rectification as well.

What is needed is to think about INCLUSION: all situations, all relationships, everything you had experienced until today are part of you. And each of these experiences has two polarities, as the Mayan Elders taught me. We are very well trained to focus on the negative, we have built mechanisms to escape. When we choose to focus on the positive, inclusion happens and the letting go comes natural.

The mistake most people make is to focus on letting go what doesn’t work, what hurts… the negative pole. That very act is already feeding the memory strengthening the attachment to it. So in the process, we build up all kind of stories that become “excuses” or reasons to keep that memory, relationships or situation around, making the “letting go” difficult.

What if the “ultimate letting go” is about letting go of judgment and self-criticism? The transformation is now coming by integrating.

INCLUSION is the word : include all past relationships, experiences and situations that left any kind of bitterness, resentment or wound by having a dialogue with yourself, in a quiet place:

  • I understand this xxx happened FOR me
  • describe the situation
  • what where the emotions and thoughts associated with it?
  • what did I learned? what positive qualities did I developed thanks to this event?
  • write them all down on paper – finish with “I AM GRATEFUL”
  • burn the paper
  • MOVE ON knowing that that very thing is part of who you are today.

Developing the skill of INCLUSION is crucial at this time of rapid change in our lives. We now don’t have much time to stay attached to old things, situations and relationships. I see in my practice all sort of physical symptoms (new or old ones re-appearing), sending clear messages that time has come to listen to them in order to move on in peace, harmony and beauty! So, as you walk forward, practice INCLUSION, developing your full potential and becoming everything you already ARE.