Reflections on Earth Day

A Grandmother in Guatemala once told me : “If we can be aware of our planet, we can be aware of our bodi(es). One is the reflection of the other. What we do to our planet, we do to ourselves.”

– if water is our blood and emotions, what does the state of our oceans tell us about our capacity to circulate and live with emotions ? Are we stagnating ?
– if air is our thoughts , what does the quality of the air we breathe tell us about the quality of our thoughts ? Are they toxic ?
– if earth is our physical body, what does the pollution of our soil tell us about the attention and care we bring to our body ? Are we cleansing it and nurturing it ?
– if fire is our spiritual body, what does the way we relate to fire tell us about our connection to our spirit ? Do we trust or do we live in fear of transformation ?

The answers to these questions are very personal. Each of us relate in a different way to our bodi(es). I invite you to move with this questions through your weekend , in my experience, the answers always help to depend your self-knowledge and actualise yourself on your path.

Remember to celebrate how far you have come all these years ! Notice what do you want to keep for you, and what you are ready to transform as you move into the woman you are becoming.

Join me from the comfort of your home for a 3hr online retreat with a dear sister, Sofia Sundari – we come to guide you back to embrace and trust the wisdom of your bodi(es) .


With Love,

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow