Remove yourself from competition

I am a firm believer : When you remember who you are, anything is possible.

I am a firm believer that we could end competition by claiming back our duty of bringing our best talents and gifts into our work, businesses, communities and everything we touch.

I created my business based on knowing exactly why I am here in this life time, what is it that I can contribute with and what are the lessons I have to learn. I know that those qualities I am born with plus my life experience (not only my titles) makes me unique in this world. So basically there is no need for being worried about competition.

Embracing the idea of being unique, and therefore different, removes you from the belief there is competition out there. There is no need to fight.

I believe the duty we all have here is to remember those talents, life mission, soul contract, purpose … whatever you call it. And step into that path, becoming the best version of ourselves. And stopping trying to be as everyone else expect us to be.

Competition comes from not knowing who you are.

Every time my workshops have been copied, I was publicly criticised, or questioned, I became stronger and more clear in my vision. I stepped into my creative powers and reinvented myself, my work and my contribution.

Imagination is the limit.

Knowing who you are, striving for meaning connection and contribution is both empowering and liberating.

For ourselves and others.

Now there is one requisite : that you dare to glow 🙂

Check Kare Anderson on this TED talk : Be an opportunity maker