Say: “I am out of Competition”

Women’s Circles are like a multifaceted mirror in which every woman sees herself reflected. A Circle is an ancient practice capable of changing ourselves and the world. Our April’s session was dedicated to “Planting the Seeds in your Sacred Garden”.  

The seeds were the gifts, strengths and passions of each participant. Among the many strategies we shared in the Circle, I though it was important to write about strategies for staying balanced at work. Many of my clients come asking for solutions around this theme, so here-below the strategies that work for many women, and I hope they work for you too.

1 – Declare Yourself Out of Competition

Recognize your gifts: take reflection time several times a day, and jot down in a journal your feelings and thoughts about the different things you do. You will recognize a gift because you will be in “the flow”: the moment where time stops and you fill whole, grounded and passionate about what you are doing.
Work to develop and nurture your gifts (instead of learning skills): take courses, read books, invest part of your time and money actively developing them.
Share your gifts with the world: choose projects, people or activities where you can express your gifts.

When you recognize your gifts, you are able to recognize the gifts and talents of others. When you you don’t know who you are, you will compare, judge and criticize yourself and others. That place creates fear, separation and of course, competition.
Before you even realize, you created a mechanism of restless search for external approval and a false sense of direction, hoping the next big project brings meaning to our life.

2 – Do Your Homework

The main homework is to take time for reflection and check in with you to raise your awareness. The solution is easier than it seems, what you need is commitment to a simple practice that is taylor to you and only you.

Register what you like doing and what you don’t enjoy doing (what you never enjoyed, and what you don’t enjoy now). Reflect in what you could be delegating more, and what you can slowly stop doing (those things that are left undone from the to-do-list are normally not necessary for achieving what you want to achieve).

3 – Design a Perfect Day

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”  I asked to the Circle: “What if you could design your days following this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery?” Definitely the to-do-list would be shorter and we will find contentment every day!
Keep a ‘Success Journal’ – this was one of the most transformative practices for one of the women in the Circle. This journal is what keeps her aware of everything she does  and away from self criticism.

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