SELF Branding: When who you are is what makes the difference

Could we create a world where everyone loves their job? It was the question I asked the audience of the Geneva Communicators Network during my conference on SELF BRANDING.

I believe that to love your job, or anything you do in life, it needs to be in alignment with who you are. We had constructed a world of wonderful people, with wonderful gifts, that try to be similar to each other in order to secure a place in the system and avoid criticism.

The beauty of SELF Branding is that it contains who you really are. It is liberating, as it is the base for finding alignment with anything in life.

Here are 3 KEY ELEMENTS:

1) What you do VS why you do it (motivation, purpose, believes, values)
2) How you do it VS what you contribute with (results)
3) Where you did it VS who you have become

Your personal brand is all about who you are, what you want to be known for and how you want to be remembered. People get inspired by why you do what you do, what you contribute with, and people remember how you made them feel…

Here are the 5 CHALLENGES:
1 – DARE to be your self (anyway, everyone else is already taken)
2 – embrace the idea of being different
3 – might feel risky and uncomfortable
4 – stay centered (people tend to ‘warn’ you of the dangers like rejection, criticism, mistakes…)
5- this is not about making your life easier, is about making it fulfilling

And there is 1 CHOICE you need to make:
Are you going to be part of the new world, where people are free, true to themselves and responsible for their own choices?

In the next article I will share the process of building your SELF Brand…

PS: Thanks to Glenn O’Neil for inviting me to facilitate this Lunch Seminar for the Geneva Communicators Network

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    Stephanie says:

    Hola Carolina,
    I was at this seminar and it really gave me food for thought. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I was talking about your presentation today with a friend of mine, spreading the message of being true to yourself.
    I still see a lot of work for myself in discovering who I am, but I am now committed to do this work.

    Thank you so much

    • carolina
      carolina says:

      Hola Stephanie,
      Thank you for visiting my website 🙂 I’m happy to know that the conference inspired you.
      The ‘working on yourself’ is a life long journey. That starts with one little step, and it seems you took it already. As we integrate experiences and take time to reflect, we evolve. We are never the same personality. It is your essence and a sense of purpose what gives direction.
      If this direction is aligned with who you are, then we experience joy and fulfillment.
      Welcome to the journey. See you soon!
      ps: check the resources available on the online shop on this website to start with 🙂

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    Vincent says:

    It was an insightful seminar and glad I was able to make it to hear about some interesting ideas around branding and being aware.

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