It’s amazing, isn’t it ?

We are already half of 2017. WOW. Simply WOW.

I’m in awe for everything I have been witnessing this year so far. In this year of new beginnings, I’ve had the privilege to work with so many people opening their wings, claiming the dreams and purpose is some fascinating ways.

Circumstances are just so RIPE now for those willing to jump off the fence. 

Let me give you a very concrete example. This is what happened for Michelle.

I finished a coaching session with her, where she came with the burning question :  should I quit my job? Or not? 

After few months working together,  her bigger why got clearer and crystallised. The past stories and wounds from childhood got healed and integrated. The fears rooted in the shadow saw finally the light, becoming insights. A new direction was necessary, so her question was obviously the next thing to go through.

But the question was too small and promoting only a yes/no answer. We powerfully reframed the question to a much more empowering one, so she could see and receive opportunities.

SHIFT In perspective :

Most people think making a living is giving up an essential part of who they are. in truth opperating from our own authentic truth offers more opportunities and options to success.

BETTER Question , better answer :

How can I serve the cause of connection through the interseccion of journalism & democratic dialogue?

OUTCOME : 2 hours after our session, I received this email :

“I’ve just been invited since we hung up the phone to two national events around this topic 🙂
How can I serve the cause of connection through the interseccion of journalism & democratic dialogue?”

When we want to create life work and relationships on our terms, we must ask much better questions : questions that pull us into our future version, our legacy, our glowing light.


As we are only hours away from Summer/Winter Solstice, we approach the turning point of this year of “new beginning”, we are invited to pause and reflect on our year so far, and what we have been manifesting since December 2016. 

Here are some good questions to observe and reflect this week of solstice :

  • are the questions you ask yourself igniting your fire to dream something bigger, better, for you, your future, our future? 
  • are the answers you are getting showing you an exciting direction? 

The magic of asking the right questions, is that they are easier to answer :  the excitement of the right direction is felt in your body. Not only analysed in your mind.

Just pause here reading this article and notice for yourself. If you are right now at a crossroad in any area of your life, how clear are the possible directions? How excited are you getting about your path ahead?

Reminder :  much of the guidance or advice you can get out there is based on methods, formulas, or intellectual reasoning. Use this time of the year when the wheel turns again to go inward to search for the answers.


The kind of deep Soul searching enquiry, holistic liberation and embodiment I offer is rare. So if you are ready, right now, to start your path as a glowing woman, I’m thrilled to invite you to have a conversation with me.

There are 3 places opening this summer 2017 for 1-to-1 Soul Guidance Journey into the second half of the year. These are only for women ready now, to level up their presence, leadership, connection in all areas of life by December 2017.

If you feel you still have time to ask small question and find small answers, then it’s totally fine. We are ready when we are ready. Please do not take that as procrastination. Just aim at getting yourself to your next level, that’s what Soul is asking you.

If you feel ready now, let’s have a Courageous Conversation of one hour. No obligations or strings attached. Just feeling into each other to see if we are the right match to create magic in your life.

Only 3 women will be taken to work individually with me from September onwards. You’ll then be part of our inner circle, gathering in Soul Alchemy group sessions .

Who do you want to be by the end of 2017 ?
How do you want to start 2018 ?

Let’s find out what is a better question for you to move forward.
Book your free courageous conversation before the end of August here .


It is my absolute honour to be here, guiding you towards that expansion your Soul is calling you with clarity, creativity and purpose.

With love and gratitude,